@LibertyPaulM @jerry good reason to use #uBlockOrigin + uBlock Origin Extra in addition to or replacement of Brave’s built in ad/tracker blocking.

@LibertyPaulM how very "brave" of them to enable surveillance capitalism

@LibertyPaulM uninstalled from my phone. Back on Firefox mobile now

@LibertyPaulM AFAIK this is so that users can log into these sites I think? If they're fully blocked you can't login

@LibertyPaulM (though my personal recommendation is still Firefox / Icecat with uBlock Origin)

@grufwub mmm I’ve always used Firefox with Ublock Origin tuned to nuclear and I never had issues logging in when I was still on the sites

@LibertyPaulM uBlock (and anything using these blocklists) AFAIK sets a lot of websites like these to no 3rd party tracking -- so it works on the website but it blocks the tracker if found anywhere else.

Brave could be doing this? Or maybe I'm being too optimistic :p

@grufwub god knows. Any browser that substitutes a website’s ads for its own probably shouldn’t get the benefit of any doubt though

@LibertyPaulM I can see where they're coming from to some extent so I don't have too much beef with the company, but the fact they base it on Chromium is where I draw the line. This Chromium monopoly is getting to be far too overpowering

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