I remember the time I got called a communist for using an adblocker. Oh how I laughed

But how are you going to know what to buy without ads? Don't you know that your greatest quality is your consumption.

@HexDSL it really wasn’t, it was the scornful use of the word

@HexDSL @LibertyPaulM It's weird how having attention & data stolen stealthily to fund content is considered a practice we should support - "it's the price we pay for access to free content".

But the majority of the time, the free content isn't worth looking at anyways & theres too much of it & if we valued it more, savoured & enjoyed it, perhaps we'd be prepared to fund it in small sustainable & manageable amounts?

We need a new model with ethical incentives!

You Adblocker Communists! ;)

@spelk @HexDSL I hate words like communist and capitalist anyway. They are pretty meaningless to anyone living in the real world

@LibertyPaulM When people talk of Capitalism, I just say I'm not a Marxist, so I'm not using 19th Century Philosophical terms to describe silicon-centric, 21st Century economics.

@spelk @LibertyPaulM :) if I view a page/creator a lot I support them but I don't look at ads. Ads ruin the Internet!

@spelk I liked the notion of in-browser mining: when you go to a site you can turn off ad-blockers and it mines in your browser, creating tiny amounts of cash for the hoster. Whatever support model we choose has to be simple, or it's not happening.

@malin If we were using (or similar) we could all support with bandwidth and storage of a site.


@Unairedspecifics @spelk I've read about that and it sounds glorious. I really need to spend an afternoon seeing if I can work it.

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