Every time someone talks about how great emacs or vim is I trigger them by saying I prefer to use nano or gedit. Sod your elitism

@LibertyPaulM I've never understood people getting riled up about text editors.

@LibertyPaulM I'm with Sublime Text, but I'm also familiar with vim. I was very impressed when I saw you could configure vim so it almost looks and behaves like Sublime Text. All editors have their pros and cons, just learn how to master your favorite.

@LibertyPaulM The great thing about emacs is not the way you can edit text with it, it is the way you can edit text, check tour mails, run an R session, and complete your next week's agenda in one piece of Software using merely plain text. I don't mind you using nano. I like it as well and it is my favourite terminal editor. Everyone has his own ways of comfort and fighting about it is plain rubbish :).

@LibertyPaulM I think its intended as satire but, yeah. I was talking about this the other day.

Open source is about choice. But we don't seem to respect that choice.

As a vim user, I'm sorry.

@LibertyPaulM I'm that _one_ guy out there who uses Nano!

I'm sorry for being the person that found it to be the easiest gateway to the command line!

@LibertyPaulM Meh... I've always been of the mind that someone else's preference in editor (or any other software for that matter) has no bearing on my use or enjoyment of software. Not sure why others take it personally when you don't like something they do. Life's too short to argue about editors.

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