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I missed Solus much that I installed it back on the laptop even though the ISO is ridiculously old. Had to drop to tty to run the updates to ensure no issues

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@LibertyPaulM curl gives you the moon phase:

Ubuntu? Works. Fedora? Works. OpenSUSE? Works. Antergos? Works. Joy of the drivers being in the kernel

Dude I love it when linux users (tends to be users of rolling distros) start talking about the Nvidia related issues they have. I'm sat here thinking (rather smugly) that I don't have this problem because I have an AMD GPU

Red Hat have been around for 25 years. I love how an "uncool" open source software company has shown all the bubble driven hipster tech bros how to build a sustainable business venture

Everyone else shared screenshots last night so I may as well

Fuck me, I tooted that and the iPhone spoke it back to me

Remember Bebo? Apparently it is something different now

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This is one of my early contenders for album of the year 2018. From Greece and very much on the psychedelic end of the rock spectrum. Analog recording too

This band are one of my top picks. There will be the inevitable Jethro Tull comparison because of the flute but dig deeper, there is a lot going on

Hope no one minds the spam but I will be sharing some of my fav Bandcamp discoveries on here

Bandcamp is the best site on the web for buying music

Great band this. Rocks hard with plenty of prog meanderings and psychedelic grooves