Stuff just working is underrated, don't buy into the "linux should hurt a little" mentality, it is utter horse shit

Best thing about being a linux gamer: I discover loads of great games I wouldn't otherwise give a 2nd look to, and you see big studio games for what they are.....mostly uninteresting.

Good job I work from home. Logged in to start work at 8am, turns out I’m on the late shift and don’t start until 2pm. Duh me

Didn’t realise Townes Van Zandt was on Bandcamp. One of the finest country song writers who ever lived

This might join The Rat Pack Christmas compilation in the Christmas rotation

An Eden Brent Christmas with Bob Dowell

Finally figured out workspace icons on Polybar, go me. That was annoying me

Anyone been following this shambles? Guy should be charged with fraud

The strange case of Threatin: The 'fake band' that tricked the music industry

Been knee deep in the fish shell this week. Next week I plan on going balls deep

I love the Budgie DE. It really is Gnome done right

I often wonder if everything I learned during history class in school was utter horse shit

Just saw an ad for Google home hub. My response? F*** off!

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“Post apocalyptic town builder” sounds interesting, I like town builders as opposed to city builders.

Atomic Society, a post-apocalyptic city building strategy game will come to Linux | GamingOnLinux

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