Here’s an album that’ll be in my top 5 of 2018 for sure

Years by Sarah Shook and the Disarmers


Top 5 things in my life:
5. My Kobo
4. Video games
3. Linux
2. Music
1. My gf

@LibertyPaulM perfect example is Sarah Shook and the Disarmers. Not the best singer in the world but damn if this isn’t a great album


Sometimes you come across a body of music that makes you realise vocal and instrumental perfection are not the be all and end all. What matters is authenticity which is something that can’t be learned

@LibertyPaulM there’s an interesting question, name the album you were most surprised that you liked. For me it might actually be Down in a Hole by Kiefer Sutherland. Normally when an actor makes forays into music we get pointless and vapid dross that is utterly forgettable. What we get here is a painfully honest album of country/blues/folk songs from someone who lived what he’s singing about. It gives a sense of authenticity

Think I’ll listen to the most surprisingly good album I heard in 2016 by Kiefer Sutherland of all people. Yes, vocally he is limited but weirdly the smoky gravelly voice works for the country-ish songs

@LibertyPaulM love unearthing and sharing independent gems like this on Bandcamp. Tis music that deserves to be listened to by many many ears

Naxatras went down well on here yesterday so here’s another heavy psyche band who featured in my top 5 albums list in years gone by
1886 - Before the Fog Covers the Mount

Telegram and Discord removed from my phone. The only social apps left are Tootdon and Untappd

New rule: Anyone whining about "PC gone mad" or "SJWs" will be automatically blocked everywhere. No point engaging with such people. Life is too short and mental health is too precious for that

According to my iPhone I averaged 12 minutes of screen time per day this week

Top 5 DEs:
5. LXQt
4. Mate
3. Xfce
2. Budgie
1. i3

Yes I know i3 is not actually a DE but it is my favourite desktop experience

Finally set up font awesome for my i3 workspace icons. Screenshot tomorrow evening

I've been using Budgie mostly for weeks now but every time I do spend time on a full DE I can hear i3 calling to me so I came home

My top 5 disros:
5. Lubuntu
4. Ubuntu Mate
3. MX
2. Xubuntu
1. Solus

Two Point Hospital brings back blissful memories

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