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I do NOT wish to be taken seriously on social media. Everything I say is opinion and poorly researched opinion at that

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This should be bigger deal than the so called "fake news"/"russian bots" bollocks the politicians keep going on about but it won't. Why? Because politicians don't care about security, they care about control.

"Although there’s no evidence of abuse, at least 2,000 Facebook employees searched through the files containing passwords, though it’s not clear what for."

Er that would be abuse

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text

Pound is not good against the euro today.

The way it’s been fluctuating recently I’d swear I was looking at a crypto currency

Frozen Bubble is a fun little open source game for when you’ve a few mins to kill. It makes my eyes go wonky after a while though

I need to give open source games more love.

I know I do bang on about Battle for Wesnoth but that’s the only one.

Minetest is extremely popular but I’ve never played it. Maybe I should

BT, Sky and TalkTalk propping up the Which? broadband provider table yet again

Sadly they are the biggest U.K. broadband providers because they are the only options for much of the country.

Schools are violent, prisons are violent; what’s the common factor? Lack of choice and individuality

It’s almost like forcing children to go to a fenced off building every day to be told what and how to learn by bureaucrats isn’t such a great idea

Fifth of school staff assaulted once a week in Northern Ireland, say unions

I just love the “Solus has no software” meme /sarc

Let's be honest, not even Valve can compete with Google

Too many people licking the arse of Google over Stadia because "linux and vulkan".

You really think Google won't use the data on what you play to profile you even more than they do at the moment for their ads? Stadia is not a positive.

Sometimes linux drives my anal retentiveness bananas

Some configs in .config, some in .local, some in the home folder itself. Its a mess and makes keeping things organised a ballache

Someone really needs to find a solution to the linux application configs littering your home folder conundrum

Anyone know how to open Hexchat, connect to a server and a channel in one command?

Asking for a script

So I installed i3 on Solus again due to derpy Firefox issues with minimising. No minimising windows needed there

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