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Episode 185 of has dropped!

DL184: We talk about in as a follow to last week's Bug Reporting topic. We also check in on ’s progress and so much more!

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A new episode of is out now! Get caught up with the goings on in the Linux world with your Weekly Source for GNews!

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We couldn't quite fit it in the Community Update last week, so here it is now:

All About the #PineTab!

- Production/Shipping updates
- 6000mAh battery
- Shipping mid-August

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We're recording an episode of right now! Come join us Patrons! The link to watch and join us in the Patron Postshow is on Patreon and Sponsus. Not a patron yet? Go to to get access to the & shenanigans! 😎👍

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Made some progress 📈 on #Ubuntu Retro Remix for the #RaspberryPi earlier this evening 👍 Join me in the live stream 📡 to see a mostly functional setup, working hardware acceleration and controller 🎮 support

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Episode 181 of has dropped!

on DL181: BTRFS & ZFS enter the DL Battledome! Interview with hosts of, , Linus Torvalds talks, & ARM, on Chromebooks,

Finished flashing ubuntu touch to the pinephone emc with jumpdrive. Runs much better!

Finally flashing ubuntu touch to the emc storage on the pinephone. Hopefully its faster and more responsive afterwards because currently the pinephone on sd card is way slower than my nexus 5.

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The is LIVE right now! Call in to 1-855-450-NOAH (6624) and he’ll answer your , & questions! You can also go to to listen and chat live!

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Destination 178 is here and is arguably 1 of Our Best Episodes EVER!

On DL178, we closed out the livestream and we discussed why everyone should take a look at!

audio editor webapp in Software Spotlight!

Finally! Switched my church Livestream to Linux thanks to two Avermedia UVC usb capture cards! Kubuntu at the moment.

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The latest episode of DLN's brings a scary revelation about Wifi devices, a promise from, and of course Noah's seemingly endless advice and tech tips.

Check it out!

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SELF 2020 

Since I am planning on going to SELF 2020, I researched into the South East Linux Conference. This included watching the 2.5 hour interview with Jeremy Sands on the Ask Noah show in August 2018.
That was an information blast!!!

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it's not uncommon for to get heated occasionally but on Episode 162, I think every topic got heated! At one point, we started debating vs :)

We also had an Awesome Guest Host with (Stuart Langridge of

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This week's episode of features OS enthusiast

Jason and Clayton dig into some deep community topics including the struggles in dealing with toxicity. Plus a brand new Linux Gaming Report featuring!

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Our fourths alpha of @ManjaroLinuxARM for #pine64 devices is ready for download. For more details visit our forum!

Original tweet :

I know its been in my possession for a couple weeks now, but finally flashing ubuntu touch to a sd card for my pinephone! Cant wait to see how it stacks up to my nexus 5!

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