Disable your IPv6 settings in grub to improve your Steam download speeds.

After that, install your Steam Games on a secondary SSD and auto-mount it on boot.

@KylinuxCast why does this work?! Kernel network stack must be in such a bad state...

@nergal I think this is more of a Valve Steam issue than a Linux one because Windows users were also affected.

@KylinuxCast then that notorious bug where boot and application start time are slowed still rears its ugly mane?

@KylinuxCast i have created /extra /extra2 /extra3 folders for seperate root partitions in the same hdd (i am triple booting), also i have two extra hdd's where i auto mount them to /mnt, lastly all game folders are linked to main steam directory, this setup makes all games available on all the operating systems

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