Two new segments in the latest . The crap report and the meme report. I'm really enjoying how the show's panning out.

If you still use Gmail, Google can scan your emails to track & keep full history of what you buy online. Yikes.

@michaelgroth recommends switching to one of these privacy-first email providers:
• @ProtonMail
• @TutanotaTeam
• @Posteo_de
• @Runbox

Original tweet :

Disable your IPv6 settings in grub to improve your Steam download speeds.

After that, install your Steam Games on a secondary SSD and auto-mount it on boot.

I wanna learn way too much at the same time xD I'm barely making any progress.

I wrote an ebuild for Tuir, the fork of the old rtv project. I enjoy this client a lot more than their website.

Linux Foundation named their new project to Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC). Well, that's not going to get people confused with Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

"Life Seeds I sow. Bone dutty babylon a bury." - I-Wayne

🔥 🔥 🔥 🇯🇲 🇪🇹

If you distro hop a lot, don't waste time re-downloading all your Steam games...

Take them with you and increase your download speeds while you're at it!

Testing out and enjoying Lynx Browser. I wonder how long I can go without a GUI-web browser?

Might need to learn and configure mutt and ranger also.

Has anyone else tried this?
What was your experience like?
Do you still use those CLI options exclusively?

Looks like we were hit by a unfortunate power failure today.

So far we raised $142.48 for a new UPS. At the moment I am hoping to raise $300 to ease the cost for a rack mount UPS.

this weeks XPENGUIN features the beutiful and silky smooth voiced kylinux


Why are people still there? I thought it was obvious the site was going to Hell back when M$ bought it.


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