@KylinuxCast but science romance is best romance. Food anime is always great too.

What is your preferred method of learning a new programming language or framework?

New videos coming soon. Just taking care of some IRL things.

In the meantime, I've experimented a bit with Ardour to record my vocals on some beats. Haven't recorded music since my Windows days (Adobe Audition 3.0), so please forgive the amateur sound.

What would you rate it on a scale of OS's?


Crunchbang was my first love.

Xubuntu was my main squeeze.

Vanilla Arch was my side-piece, but left me recently due to mistreatment.

ArchLabs... could you be the one? 😍

(Experiment: No Distro-Hopping for at least 1 year)

@HexDSL plays a PokΓ©mon Digimon hybrid pseudo MMORPG about animal abuse, slavery, cock-fighting, dog-fighting, and the Power of Friendship.

Viewer Discretion is advised.

(Just kidding. It’s TemTem.)


Steam Library is nearing 200 Games.

Stop buying new games and complete what is currently in your library.

@linuxpaulm outside of playing the latest AAA game, you could ague the same goes for PC's.
Writing this from e 3rd gen i5 laptop with 4-5% CPU load

Good. We are waking up to the fact buying brand new phone models every year is pointless

Refurbished smartphones grow in popularity among UK consumers techradar.com/news/refurbished

I tried refunding Rocket League last night via Psyonix's website. They told me refund it through Steam.

For those out there on Linux or MacOS, here are the instructions for getting your money back:


Good luck and Tux speed!

man not having Gnome Software constantly active in the background is a breath of fresh air!

I gave Bittubers a try. It was fun. Got a lot of views and subs, but I personally dislike maintaining multiple social media accounts.

Before i forget: Happy holidays to everyone. Peace and love. βœŒοΈπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸ§

Give thanks for a wonderful 2019! Here's to an even better 2020. I'll be away from YouTube a bit to get IRL things sorted and also to revamp Kylinux Cast. Updates to come later.

(Ardour and Audacity are great btw)


My "gaming" racing chair broke and I got sad, but then I remembered the Witcher Netflix series starts tomorrow and happiness returned.

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