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Browser Start Page ver1.0.
- Lain
- Gradient Background Animation
- Links to stuff I enjoy

Nothing fancy at all, but I like the simplicity of it. I'll work on improving it as time goes on.

Browser in Action

I haven't watched E3 in years. Microsoft's conference reminded me why.

Not sure if Cyberpunk 2077 is getting Day 1 Linux support, but this 2013 Cyberpunk gem works beautifully on Linux via Proton right now.

Game: Remember Me

Bigup Empress Nilin!

@KylinuxCast really annoying how it feels so good yet not optimal in every situation

2 weeks into i3wm (no gaps) and... everyone was right.

Tiling is addictive and hard to switch away from once you've gotten used to it.

Started Mirror's Edge on Xbox360 back in 2010. Never finished it and my 360 died long ago.

Restarted Mirror's Edge on Linux via SteamPlay/Proton and finished it yesterday. What an experience!

Void Linux with i3-gaps or Ubuntu mini.iso built from the ground up with i3-gaps?

What are your thoughts for a lightweight gaming/development/video production machine?

Xubuntu 18.04 tiling, borderless, and title-less window manager.

Check it out!

Just picked up a ThinkPad T440s via Craigslist. Maybe I'll start my i3wm journey on that device?


Good to hear it working splendid. Maybe time to purchase soon...

I hear good reports on GTA V via proton also.

I loved the Witcher 2, but the Witcher 3 (on Linux) was an amazing experience. I recommend using some mods, no HUD, and Death March difficulty.

Now that the base game is out of the way, time for some DLC!

I somehow forgot I had blanks laying around. Here is my Blankfox.

@KylinuxCast multiple bad experiences sealed by a windows xp installation not supporting sata drives. Abandoned windows in '03 except for gaming purposes, used netbsd for 2 years, openbsd for 1 month, numerous Linux distro (sorceror, slackware-based, redhat-based, puppys, tinycore, knoppix-based). Have not found the perfect configuration yet.

Slackware was most efficient for dialup with me. Could never understand from Debian.

My first exposure to a different os was .

Scotchbox and Vagrant save me a ton of time when I want to test an idea out. Love me some LAMP!

I can't tell if it takes longer for MacOS or Winhows to update

Jah know dem chune ya classic from wah day! Big up Mr. Freddie McGregor 🎶 🎧

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