The DNC doing their best to steal another one from Bernie. America is not a democracy.

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RMS did nothing wrong and the fact that everyone is so quick to abandon him after every thing he has done for this community is embarrassing.

Long live RMS
Long live GNU

There is no reason to ever eat brown rice. It's an abomination.

Youtube fucking sucks ever since sponsored videos became so prevalent.

Skillshare, squarespace, and brilliant. I will never be buying your products. Please fuck off.

After having tried emacs, vim, vscode, sublime, and jetbrains ides I am thinking of moving back to either vim or emacs. So which do you guys prefer?

I finally signed a job offer today.

Position is migrations specialist, I'll be handling automating some of the migrations process with python.

It's not a Dev role which I would have preferred, but they told me if I'm successful with this I will be able to transfer to a Dev role. The pay is pretty good and decent benefits. Plus the office is nice and in a great location.

I start July 16th.

The reddit admins finally quarantined the_donald today.

Finally bought Mario Odyssey yesterday of off Amazon. It just got delivered. Excited to play it, but first I have this phone call in 20 mins.

Today I got an email from the director of software development at the place that I've been interviewing with for the past month that said.

"Thank you for applying and interviewing at ___, I reviewed the feedback from your interview and would like to follow up on that. What is the best phone number and time slots to reach you?"

So many people act like Tesla's are somehow good for the environment and them buying one is going to help save the world. The fact is though, teslas are only a marginal improvement and do not address any of the real environmental issues caused by car ownership.

If you really care about the planet riding a bike or taking public transit is the solution.

I'm in the process of completing a background check for the interview I had two weeks ago. They told me they want to hire me for the migrations position, they want me to work on developing tools to automate the migrations using python. It sounds like an interesting job so I am excited to start!

Right now though I have to complete this background check using HireRight. Right now I'm waiting on HR from the new job to complete a form for HireRight.

I love waking up early when I've got nothing to do for the next few hours and no one else in the house is awake.

So peaceful

Tfw it's only 11:30am and you're already finished making your rounds through the Internet.

Not sure what to do for the next few hours

Hacker news comments are worse than YouTube. Change my mind.

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Physicists debate a completely unbacked idea proposed by a physicist who spent the tail end of his career spreading popsci garbage.

Hackernews user solves the debate within three short paragraphs while having 0 real understanding of physics.

Interview and meeting the gf's parents went well today. Now back to the waiting game.

It's tomorrow at 3:15pm. My Korean girlfriends parents are also coming to Canada tomorrow morning. Itll be my first time meeting them. So tomorrow will be a busy and stressful day. And hopefully one that will get me a job lol.

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