> Trying to create a D&D dungeon-plan in Latex.

> Netsearch include keywords 'latex dungeon'

> Oh dear.

Guess it's back to basic documentation for me.

@malin look up the chart plotting tools? Maybe there is a map generator tool?

@Katsudon I've found 'bchart' and 30% less horsewhips in images, which is a good start. Bchart doesn't look like it's going to do it though.

I'm hoping for an end result similar to this:

So far I'm thinking full-tikz is the way to go.


@malin you know, luatek might me something to look into. At the very least, you could manually program some stuff in Lua. Once you get going, make sure to take notes for a medium blog post

@Katsudon Ooft - I'm already deeper into the rabbit-hole than I thought I'd ever go. Programming dungeons is about my pique, so I'll leave new Tex stuff for a later day.

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