OK guys. What's your favorite text editor (and I don't really want to use Vim, Nano, emacs, etc.)?

This would be for web development. Sorry, I should have mentioned that before.

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@Jrhd437 I kinda like notepad++ (or the Linux port notepadqq)

@Jrhd437 Except vim, nano and emacs? Huh, that's a tough one. Probably ed or cat. 👌

@archtoasty I prefer a GUI, to replace VS Code. I once loved Sublime, so maybe I should go back to it?

@Jrhd437 my personal favorite is emacs *with* vim key bindings​.... Because vim motions are *that* good.

And learning emacs: totally worth the effort. I didn't make sense of it until after I realized it's a highly programmable program for programming programs. :-D

But yes, both vim and emacs are worth learning in their own right. Steep learning curves are good. Embrace the steep learning curves. :-D

@Jrhd437 I like Notepadqq because I'm familiar with Notepad++, but if I hadn't found that I'd probably be using Kate.

@Jrhd437 if cli editors are out of the question, then suggest atom :)

Thanks. There definitely seems to be a lot of people making that recommendation. I'm gonna have to give Atom another go.

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