I am still on and still loving it. Why did I wait so many years to give it a try?

After using Manjaro for a bit, I've found myself on Fedora... And loving it completely. The installer needs some UX help, but otherwise, I love it, love how updates work, love how much Fedora does for upstream projects.

I may be on Fedora for a while.

For the first time, I'm on an Arch-based distro. So far, I really dig Manjaro.

I speedily added a line to crontab, mistakingly typing * when I meant 0.

Yeah... Fun afternoon.

People who want to regulate tech companies trust the government a **** of a lot more than I do. Government makes things prohibited or compulsory. When they enter an industry, they play favorites and have monopoly to few while bankrupting others.

I share your concerns, just not your response.

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Somehow I had not heard Late Night Linux before yesterday. Pretty good show.

I've donated to PyInstaller in the past and may do so again. Such a handy tool for making executables files from Python projects. Kudos to the folks who make it.

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Happy New Year, folks! I think Linux will have a very bright 2019.

Whoa, pipenv is way easier than doing the whole venv thing. Super simple. Im planning to use this going forward for flask apps.

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Setting up my Nextcloud was so painless it is crazy. It's one more step away from big-data.

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Fediverse vs Twitter 

Python-Flask macros are just terrific. Simple to be sure, but that's the beauty.

So glad that Donald Trump is pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan. It's about time! USA elected Obama to end the wars and instead he ratcheted up our bombing campaigns. It's (far past) time to come home.

The foreign adventurism is a failed experiment. The neo-cons (including Obama) failed us.

I'm back on Ubuntu. I've been on just about every Debian-based distro, and eventually I just threw my arms up and went back to Ubuntu 18.04.

Well... I'm back on Ubuntu. My comfort level with apt is just too great.

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