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@BryanLunduke When you take your own HTTP website as an example and say it is as secure as an HTTPS one, it is simply wrong : HTTPS protects you from tampering. Anyone who visits your website (or any other HTTP site) is taking the risking of receiving an altered version, maybe with malicious code added.

It's too bad you didn't really discuss this issue :/

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Website runs JS cryptocurrency miner to monetize site: "This is unethical!"

Website runs JS tracking software that violates your privacy in order to monetize using ad networks: "This is fine."

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OH! There's a laser printer being developed that actually works by burning the paper instead of using up ink or toner. Could work very well for black and white printing (if it ever gets to market)


/cc @kelbot

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Ok, so these are the performing #clowns I know on #mastodon now:

@RussSharek (myself)

(All from my circus...I'm so proud!)

Anyone know of any others?


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B-GP 2823 hat sein Licht angelassen. Streut das mal bitte. #34c3

Oh yeah, fun times. Completely disassembled my thinkpad T420 yesterday... for nothing! No one on a freaking computer congress seems to have heat sink paste. I'm disappointed guys. 😉😂

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When you start studying physics, do you imagine, that one day a queue will be doing La Ola's in front of the lecture room, waiting for you? #34c3 #minkorrekt

Does anyone have termal paste(?) for me at the coreboot assembly? :D

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Ich habe ein Up-and-Coming Ticket für den #34C3 übrig: wer braucht noch eins?

@Purism I mean like a really early one 😃

@Purism Any chance of seeing a prototype at ? 😊

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An alle Gänger die es noch nicht mitbekommen haben:
Marc-Uwe Kling hält eine Lesung zu seinem neuen Buch QualityLand. Sehr empfehlenswert! :)

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VPN Provider Jailed For Five Years After Helping Thousands Breach China’s Firewall - http://bit.ly/2CXp1DW
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F... just realised that the new seasons peaky blinders and mr robot both ended. What am I supposed to watch during the holidays?? 😞

Falls jemand aus (Nähe) Magdeburg interessiert ist an die FOSS Community zurückzugeben, am 19.01.18 organisiert der FaRaFIN der OvGU erstmalig den "Hackergarten". Dabei sollen Issues in FOSS Projekten gelöst werden. Jeder ist willkommen, die Aufgaben werden je nach Erfahrung vergeben. Weitere Informationen hier:

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I need some help with AsteriskNow. I am trying to setup music on hold from a music stream. No matter what I try I can't seem to get streaming working only local media. If anyone has experience I would be totally grateful.