Seen on Reddit: r/Linux "which sea of Linux do you belong to?" :)

Dual citizenship for me: the independent republic of fedora, and republic of Debian :)

please consider honorary consulates to be now open ;)

@James Pretty old to have Mepisia. It should really Island MX, split into Memphis and The Antixian Republic, Haiti/DR style.

But there are no doubt as many quibbles as there are distros!

@abbreviatedman it must be old :) missing a 'maurding horde of....' somewhere ;) can't have a map with it that!! :P

@Linux omg! You're right! I'll think of a suitable punishment for myself ;p

@James You now must convert at least 3 people to Linux (Fedora) this week.

@James Ideally incurable M$ peasants. But macOS zombies will do fine, too!

@Linux @James You should know how much it triggers me that his username has a capital J, but the display name don't. ;)

@James @Linux Yay! :D Now there's only an avatar that's missing.

@James Man, George.R.R.Martin has really started to let his personal life bleed into his GoT material

@James Archland! We have always been at war with Centosia.

@James I live on Mt. Manjaro. It isn't labeled on this map for some reason, but it is on the southern tip of Archland.

@James I love this kind of imaginary map. The :opensuse: kingdom is for me!

@James Just hanging out in Archland. Not really an expert, but the #ArchWiki makes a lot of things surprisingly easy.

@carlcolglazier it's true, they have some of the best documentation!! :))

@James I want to print this and hang it on my wall.

The Ubuntu Based Emirates should have been the United Ubuntu Emirates :D

@Sunzo oh, it would be so cool to update it, and be able to hang it up :)

@James I’m a jolly soldier of MATE fortress, ever sneering at the fetid reek blotting the Sun from the Gnome3 mountains and the deviant hoards beyond...

But I have a vacation home on the Isle of Puppy.

@Shufei vacation home - that's simply brilliant!!! 😂😂😂

@James I hail from least until the next distro hop.

@Spud13y ahhh who needs rock and roll, when we all do the distro hop ;) trying to install Gentoo atm 🙄

@Spud13y you said that without even a hint of sarcasm ;) lols

@James I still remember when I migrate from Debian republic to the archland.

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