I have two Tevo tornadoes, I use them whenever the need arises. I have found many things to print. I use to create the designs and often post them to thingyverse for others to print. I love being able to imagine something then print it out and hold it in my hand.

I tried creating a video that showed how to leverage to assemble models and animate them. It seems that people don't like the crossover approach even though it's all .

It's time to purge my very old computers. I have way too many and I need the space. I need to find a recycler near me.

I released Freecad for beginners #13 today. Helping people to avoid making sketch pretzels 🥨


When life gives you lemons make a lemon flavored Margarita 😊

For those of you interested in the excellent I have released #11 in the beginner series of videos.



I published #10 in the beginner series for the and EXCELLENT if you are interested in you should take a look what free will get you.

No matter how much I am forced to use , I wish I was back on my laptop.

I published #6 in my beginner series for the excellent .
If you are looking to learn a great CAD/CAM software package now is the time.


I created a video to demonstrate how to make a clip on golf ball holder in the brilliant


I really think is becoming a better video editor with each update. The VSE is easy to use and very reliable.

Another vote for Joplin... You can get it to sync with nextcloud or syncthing

I just published #5 in the FreeCAD beginner series - I hope it helps people get to grips with lofts and sweeps.


I tried it but didn't want to put all that on my desktop maybe I will give it another chance.

I thought about trying the synchthing solution but seems to add a lot of complexity. The solution with nextcloud was good until my nextcloud became the victim of an upgrade.
I have been looking for a way to have Joplin sync using an smb mount, it works great on desktop but no beuno on Android.

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