This is the second part of Creating a Marble Machine using Fusion 360, 3D printing and CNC routing where the fun begins. I have started prototyping the different elements of the machine. I am still working on how the base might be constructed. If you have any thoughts please share.

I updated my python script that creates finger joint boxes. Now you can create open and closed boxes. I also demonstrate how to create the tool paths in fusion 360.

Just when I think I am getting better at @blender I find another bunch of things I don't know how to do 🤔

I have put my newly acquired Python skills to good use by creating a script for Fusion 360 that automatically models finger joints ready for manufacture on a cnc router.
Let me know what you think 🤔

I was just told by my hosting company that I have exceeded my inode limit... Really, how does that work with an unlimited plan? :blobthinkingeyes:

I am working on another python project. It seems that python is way more useful than I had first realized.

I created a video about the difference between using fusion for 3D printing and CNC routing. I thought some of you might find it interesting

I am finally making some headway with blender. I have been using it to edit videos but have just started doing some modeling and simulations.

Why do some people feel they have to be rude if you post something that they don't find useful? 😉 I don't have time to deal with that. It's easy to scroll on by.

I created a new video 📹 that shows how to use Octoprint for both 3D printing and CNC routing. It also goes over some customization for sending gcode.

I have upgraded my nextcloud to version 18. I must admit there are some quirks but I really like having a Dropbox alternative that I host. I am migrating everything from external clouds to my own. My next purchase may be a Buffalo station!

Today I upgraded one of my Linux systems from Ubuntu 16.04LTS to 19.10 it was a very smooth migration. I need to clean up some mount points then it's all good. Loving it so far.

I just published a video about my cnc router clamping system. I would love to hear any feedback.


I have been using blender for video editing. It is very cool 😎 not as simple as some editors but has lots of features that you can access including several rendering engines.

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I started off 3D Printing ear savers for the local medical professionals fighting Covid 19. Word got out now I am getting people contact me from as far as California to New York and just got a request for 10 to Hawaii. I have 4 printers running around the clock making 100 a day and can't keep up. Yes, I been doing it for free for medical professionals. I have took one donation from a doctor who wanted to help with all the shipping cost.

I had to teach myself markdown for a document that I was creating. It is very limited to be the document language of choice. It ends up being augmented with html.

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