I am really enjoying freecad. I created a video with more tips for new users. youtu.be/yZgzr01LFlM

A Friend of mine produced this, if you like it please vote for it wshe.es/qCCnENzV

For those of you keeping up with the fusion 360 debacle. I put together a video to show how to create gcode for a cnc machine using Freecad. I compared the two and although they are similar they are different.


I have been using concrete5 for my web site. I like the forms that it provides but... It is a bit heavy weight for what I need. I am thinking about a rewrite and just using plain old html5 and Css.

It's gonna take until Friday to get my body clock to accept Monday was a holiday and today is not Tuesday!

I am planning to do some cnc stuff this weekend. I hate when life gets in the way of geeking! 😳

In the USA we have a long weekend as Monday is labor day... TGIF!!!

Now my ice maker bar won't go down. I am about to be out of ice ❄

I just switched hosting companies. I was with green geeks for over three years but they suddenly started enforcing their inode count. I had unlimited storage but with an inode limit. Bottom line, I was ready to sign up for another 3 years but they wanted me to delete loads of files so now I am with monsterMegs. A fairly painless transition if both providers have cPanel

This is the second part of Creating a Marble Machine using Fusion 360, 3D printing and CNC routing where the fun begins. I have started prototyping the different elements of the machine. I am still working on how the base might be constructed. If you have any thoughts please share.

I updated my python script that creates finger joint boxes. Now you can create open and closed boxes. I also demonstrate how to create the tool paths in fusion 360. youtu.be/o-_Bd0dXuBs

Just when I think I am getting better at @blender I find another bunch of things I don't know how to do 🤔

I have put my newly acquired Python skills to good use by creating a script for Fusion 360 that automatically models finger joints ready for manufacture on a cnc router. youtu.be/V8g4HVqkGXw
Let me know what you think 🤔

I was just told by my hosting company that I have exceeded my inode limit... Really, how does that work with an unlimited plan? :blobthinkingeyes:

I am working on another python project. It seems that python is way more useful than I had first realized.

I created a video about the difference between using fusion for 3D printing and CNC routing. I thought some of you might find it interesting youtu.be/dJthgE-aY8o

I am finally making some headway with blender. I have been using it to edit videos but have just started doing some modeling and simulations.

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