This was quite an impressive phish. They copied my blog and added a login system in hopes that I would try to login so they could scrape my password.

Who thought putting 6 $10,000 rack mounted servers behind a netgear consumer grade router is a good idea?!

Uni (-) 

I'm sorry... What? Those two things don't go together.

Was having issues with the Nvidia driver and my Optimus system so I decided to rebase my madness on plus Debian is just slightly too old for my liking.

Just like last time is this not a install, I did a minimal install of Ubuntu then added the Pop PPA, apt pinned so it'll always prefer the Ubuntu repos, and installed pop-default-settings package to apply the Gnome customizations.

Managed to break youtube. 

That is not the video it says it should be.

I'm sorry "Apple".
I don't have an Apple ID.
(BTW those links down the bottom just point to πŸ˜†)

I wonder what they could be up to with that PDF though? I have heard that there might be vulnerabilities in some PDF readers (I'm looking at you adobe) which they could be trying to exploit.

Hacker themed i3 ftw.
It's ugly but cool at the same time.

I've somehow managed to duplicate the weather icon on Gnome...

Netgear why is the chosen solution to reflash my router? All I want to do is open port 80... 😒

Very disappointed Psyonix; The "fennec" body looks nothing like a fox. 🦊

Don't know if I like the new black splash screen for the . I rather liked the purple. Otherwise marking HTTP onions as not secure is a good idea (although I thought that onion sites were already encrypted rather it used HTTPS or not?)

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