I'm having an issue where wireguard will only establish a connection if the Endpoint is defined on both the server and the client. If I only have the Endpoint defined on the client then trying to ping the wireguard server ip just times out.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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Found the problem. The cidr of the server needed to be /24 not /32.

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@Huggles Is it just pings that are failing? Ping talks icmp and if it is not allowed it will not ping even if you can past tcp traffic.

@omnipotens pings and access to the syncthing ui (so http requests) both timeout

@omnipotens I've checked the firewalls and it still doesn't work with them off.

@Huggles I am not sure what you mean by defined on both? Are you connecting the server to client then the client back to server?

@omnipotens Yes. So the server knows the IP address of the client and the client knows the IP address of the server

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