Use #gitlab, they said. It’s Free Software, they said. They will respect your privacy. They’re the good ones. #WhereIsMySurprisedFace

@cathal @jwildeboer Gitea is a good way to go, with we've made excellent experiences. You don't even have to self-host, services like or come to the rescue. All Gitea is missing in regards to decentralisation is federation between their instances

@mxmehl @cathal yes. Federation is essential. The squaring of the circle by recentralising git feels wrong.

@jwildeboer @mxmehl @cathal Just spin up multiple instances, run cron jobs to sync, and add multiple remotes to local repos. That's absolutely possible and makes Git decentralized.

@CyReVolt @jwildeboer @mxmehl This imagines that git hosting is just about git, which isn't really true. It's about having a well integrated way to tie git into issue management, features, project management, documentation, builds, etc. etc

@cathal @jwildeboer @mxmehl Maybe that's why some projects use mailing lists and have their docs within the repos. Assets can always be built from the sources, ideally.

@CyReVolt @jwildeboer @mxmehl Yea but.. software is also not only for people who know and use git. Documentation isn't really document-ey if your actual users can't access it because they don't know git.
Also, as a software developer, I detest email passionately and would rather switch careers than have to use email to organise anything.

@cathal @mxmehl @jwildeboer @CyReVolt Documentation can be in git and still be approachable for users: is automatically compiled from markdown files in a git repo.

@patrick @jwildeboer @mxmehl @CyReVolt But how do they contribute to docs, translations, etcetera? That's why Wikis are such a nice feature of Gitlab, and such a shame to lose.
We should always be pushing to make software development more inclusive to non-devs, it's the only way we end up making more things relevant to non devs. Crucial for accessibility, too.

@cathal @patrick @jwildeboer @CyReVolt I'm not sure whether you implied that, but #Gitea has wikis as well. They offer basically everything an average developer needs. So it's like Mastodon in comparison to Twitter, except that the users on different instances cannot easily connect and contribute comments or PRs.

#Federation would be a huge boost for Gitea (and other software supporting such a standard) and break the network effect that benefits Github and Gitlab.

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