@Tritium I still have MX fluxbox running as a backup, just in case I break something lol!
I tried out obarun, mabox (converting it to S6/66), Mint, EndevourOS, GuixSD, Peppermint (devuan) - oh so slow! miyo (another devian) and a few others.
Basic setup now is Gentoo as daily, Mx as backup, and Mint for some development/testing work - only temporary as I dislike systemd!
How did you find manjaro & xbuntu?

Been away for too long! How is everyone?
After a long time testing some stuff and deciding which way to go, I'm back with Gentoo in the form of Redcore Linux, which I tried some time ago and found a bit glitchy. Now though it seems rock solid. One thing I've notices through is the kde dolphine doesn't use the AFP protocol! Installed Thunar and all is fine.
What are you using now, have you changed recently.

Thanks, I'm filtering out the hashtags, seems to work well so far...

Is there a way, within mastodon, to filter out certain posts, like cats?


@architect Elon wouldn't buy unless he knew he could turn a profit.


@nergal @architect As far as I'm aware, other investors have joined in along with raising funds against assets he has - possibly Tesla and Space X

Installing on an old thinkpad (R61), needs some non-free drivers for WiFi.
Then onto the E595 which needs non-free? drivers (kernel) blobs for the amdgpu & WiFi.
Question: is libre software/distro yet runs all the hardware fine, why doesn't guixsd?


Data. Behavioural data. Knowing what buttons push who & why is valuable info.

@admin Yes I am. I'm building a gentoo/funtoo based distro and thought I'd be good to have an account that reflects what I'm doing.

@dajbelshaw The subject is climate change, not shoot the messenger, with 2 of the most biased information sources - the irony.
I'm not expecting much because I can see you've already made up your mind and not open to even the slightest suggestion your thinking on this subject may be wrong. This is from Prof David Bellamy. It's not the clearest image to read but a good read none the less. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the subject:

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Your presupposition on my education is uncalled for, and plain rude.

The evidence is not all that it seems, and yes I know this is a tabloid:

Think about it, all the "doomsday" predictions have not happened, not one, anywhere close.
Businesses want carbon pricing because they can make money not because its good for the environment.
Think about the evidence, what has happened?
Professor David Bellamy wrote a good piece about climate.
Happy to discuss further or drop the subject.

Because its not about the climate. Climate change is a ruse/ideology to make money through inconveniencing people.

What's your go to bootloader?
I've had enough of grub. I have 5 linuxes installed & not one grub instance can boot all the other 4 without some kind of manual config intervention.
Suggestions on alternative & why, thanks

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Boost this toot if you had Napster in the 90s

That would be good. To do that though the education system, which is inherently segregationist, along with class culture would need to change.
The "biker" issue is about behaviour & class, while the lgbt+ issue is about identity.
This could be a rabbit hole lol!

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[RT @JulianMellentin]
Day 3, Cop26. A fleet of Mercedes (petrol & diesel, not electric, we checked) ferries delegates from city centre hotels. At just one hotel we counted 60 cars waiting. The journey can be accomplished in 15 mins by electric bus or train or 20 mins on foot. But cows are the problem.

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