The paradox 🥴:
With usage battery lasts (on standby) about 4-6 hours because it doesn't go to sleep but can receive calls
With battery lasts (on standby) 16 hours+ because it goes into "deep sleep" but has trouble waking for calls & SMS.
Temp solution - standby battery to recharge phone every 5 hours!
Sleep really needs looking into 😁

@Horizon_Innovations We believe this is a firmware problem of the Modem and outside our conrol. Quectel support tells us to awairt a new version of their firmsware without being any more specific.

@Horizon_Innovations And forgive this fat-fingered mistypist for their typos. We cannot afford a spellchecking copy-editor, unfortunately 😉

Typos are a small price for the wonderful work you do!

@Horizon_Innovations Pine's corollary:

Calls, Standby time, Reliability

Pick two out of three.

@mobian @Horizon_Innovations I really wish we had these issues a decade ago, I wonder where we'd be now

@ikt @mobian @Horizon_Innovations I think Linux phones have gone a long way to be more or less available now, developers have a great interest if comparing with windows phones.

The closed hardware doesn't really help. Having to rely on a third party to get their act together can be really frustrating.
I wonder if there's an open alternative that woould fit? Or if the firmware could be opened?

@Horizon_Innovations if there were truly open modems you can be sure firms, such as purism, would be using them.

Didn't the openmoko project have fully open hardware?

@Horizon_Innovations @mobian Opening the firmware is something that may eventually happen after months or years of hard, hard work if someone is taking that task on. By then, the hardware will likely seem outdated.

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