What was it about that upset ?
And why do some people dislike Manjaro?
Seeking to understand, not to stir or antagonize.

@Horizon_Innovations I believe that happened when Arch stopped providing a "noob" installer on their ISO. So arch elitists do not want to see anything that is easily installable but still providing "arch like" exprience (aka Manjaro). At least, that is my theory. Maybe something similar would happen to Gentoo if there would be a popular Gentoo-like system (I mean, really popular).

Calculate Linux (Gentoo based) is popular & a good distro too.
I haven't had much dealings with arch but have with Gentoo & found they are good and helpful folk that tend not to impose a "Gentoo philosophy" (if there is one) on anyone.

True, but Sabayon went down the systemd path, which although Gentoo does support, isn't its favoured (I suspect because systemd is more political?) Some Gentoo users won't help Sabayon users but happy to help calculate users! Sabayon is not really compatible with Gentoo while calculate is.

@Horizon_Innovations true, just wanted to find a similar relationship to arch/Manjaro.

Not sure you'll find one. It seems arch will only help their own. Even obarun isn't really welcome because of its impurities!
But it's Manjaro relationship I was after because I'd heard they were thrown out & not allowed to use the arch repos (maybe wrong here?)

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