I was just looking for an alternate for my 6.1 on xda-developpers forum and wow! there is only one ROM that comes without google gapps! and that's an unofficial . Thankfully there is one, I really don't fancy building my own again, however, I get a feeling I'm going to be going down that path...

@Horizon_Innovations you shouldn't probably do that, as bad as Google are, this unofficial ROMs makes your phone more vulnerable to security threats.
You could just use your Rom, and not login to Google, and if you are more paranoid, install and block it's connection to the internet

I see your point and thanx for the suggestion, & in general I might agree. However, with the new Nokia's + their software being made in China, the Nokia android has extra stuff I'd prefer not to be there as it has been shown it passes data to Chinese servers. Its "easier" to make a LineageOS ROM than to hack and remove all the "extra" that Nokia & google have put in!
If there was an easier option to put Linux on it I'd do that for sure.

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