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Reminder that the police knows to watch lockscreen notifications and is known to use that to note down names, data etc. from all your friends writing you on those fancy encrypted activist apps.

Turn off all lockscreen notifications :)

Is it just me that has plasma crashes on KDE (gentoo & artix), & dolphin not starting?

Looks like I'll be moving back to xfce...

Seeking info:
How much info can a tethered mobile gain from the "master" phone? Eg, IP, mobile #, service provider etc.
I noticed the other day that although the mobile was wifi tethered, it considered itself to be "data plan" connected, not "unlimited WiFi".

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Another inconvenient truth is how closely aligned the legacy media coverage has been with the commercial/financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Ex- repurposed drugs are bad, new patented drugs are good. How can any objective third party not conclude corruption?

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RT @Snowden@twitter.com

Journalists should press HARD on the scandal. It is indefensible for @Apple@twitter.com, which positions itself as a pro-privacy company, to push a harshly criticized surveillance paradigm into one billion phones despite condemnations by both security experts and rights groups. twitter.com/Snowden/status/142

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Snowden/status/142

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Imagine a government agency ordered Apple to include hashes of all documents they wanted to track into that kiddie porn database. Suddenly the government knows who's got that antivax meme JPG. Or tax protest DOC. Or an environmental report PDF.

And it's just hashes! Apple won't know what they're tracking, so they can't say "no".

Now tell me you honestly believe no government *ever* will take advantage of this invisible monitoring power.

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Which federated social media is the most user friendly to you?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Please share your experiences too if you don't mind.

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+++ Jobs +++ Jobs ++++

We are looking for employees (m/f/d) as soon as possible:

- Software Developer C++
- Technical Support Specialist

Link: bareos.com/company/career/

❗ Please write if you saw this first in the #Fediverse. ❗

Please retoot.

#followerpower #employer #opensource #linux #software #developer
#backup #cologne #job #jobsearch #job #job #work
#bareos #employee #employer #jobs

How can I spoof an android app to think its connected & sent info to its server?

There is a false account on you instance, or tooting (posting) to your instance going by the handle: twtr.carnivore.social/users/pr
I've contacted Prof Tim Noakes who says it isn't him. Any chance of this account being closed? or how does Prof Noakes contact you?

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@craigbyren @KevinQuirk9 @ProfTimNoakes @MaryanneDemasi Agree @craigbyren! Dramatic vax efficacy claims were based on trials showing v low NUMBERS OF CASES (symptomatic PCR +ve), compared to placebo. Using trial criteria, any 2x vaxed person in real world who is symptomatic & PCR +ve should be classed as a vax failure.

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In case you weren’t aware, here’s one of the many ways unregulated electronics bought online can be dangerous. A regulation Australian IEC cable must have 3x 0.75mm²+ double-insulated stranded copper conductors. This cable appears to meet that requirement at first glance — it’s marked that way on the outside, and cutting in, the PVC colours are wrong but otherwise appear okay.

But then, scrape some of the copper, and it suddenly turns silver. It’s CCA, or Copper-Clad Aluminium. A sneaky and cheap but worse conductor. The aluminium holds up much worse to corrosion and bending, and will crumble to powder inside the cables over time. Through this process it will increase its resistance, turning into a fire-starter. Very dangerous and invisible without destroying the cable to examine it. #safety #psa

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if you still work for cloudflare after 8chan and kwfms and their inaccessible bullshit browser you better have a damn good reason tbh

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The final ask from milly

I have a job that pays enough

My training paycheck (and some donations) have carried me through car explosions and HAD gotten me enough for rent.

And then the baby i live with got to take an er trip this morning.

And i got to buy medicine, food, supplies for her.

And it took me just under my threshold for rent and gas. Mandatory but aggravating.

I literally can pay you back on August 5th if need be. But that is right when rent late fees arrive.

If you can, a few bucks would be grand.


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Do you know anyone interested in getting paid to improve #diversity in a Free Software project? Boost appreciated!

@fedeproxy, a new Free Software project for #forge #federation published a request for proposal today. If you have some expertise on fostering diversity in Free Software communities, this is your chance to make a difference, at a very early stage. And maybe set a good example for the thousands of other Free Software projects in the same situation.


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The Pine Store (pine64.com) will be going down at approximately 10AM UTC for scheduled maintenance and updates. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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I really should look through my bookmarks more often.

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So the #kDrive app is in #FDroid. Nice to see. This is the way business should be.

For the unaware, #kDrive is #Infomaniak's “cloud” storage service, based on #Nextcloud except that it actually works. Cheaper and, relatively speaking, with more legal certainty than the crap from #GAFAM.

Having a client app that has run (with caveats) #FDroid's gauntlet is quite a plus. I might subscribe.


kDrive (The most secure cloud in #Europe for SMEs and private individuals.) - f-droid.org/packages/com.infom

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