A question out of curiousity:
How difficult would it be to have as the de on for the ?
(Or plasma for that matter?)

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When the euro bank notes were designed, they used European-style bridges which were *non-existing*, not to have to choose between countries.

The Dutch town of Spijkenisse claimed them all for the Netherlands by building them on a waterway.
twitter.com/page_eco/status/13 #Europe #Netherlands

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Feedback on experience on battery (values approx)
- less than 9 hours
- (+/-) 50% at 12 hours
- 12 hours (& improving)
Standard install, wifi/Bluetooth on.

On this day 11 years ago we arrived here in Australia.
One of the best decisions we've made.

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I'm collaborating with @adama to try to start a computer consultancy/tech support service.

You can pay us to:
- Fix your computer and improve performance/security
- Build a website (frontend + backend)
- Write any kind of software (low-level or high-level)
- Help you with Linux server administration (security, DevOps, performance etc.)

We'll work for free if you're a nonprofit or activist etc.

Fill in the contact form on our website if you're interested.


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i lost my job due to covid and am not a citizen of the country where i live, so i get no government help.

my medication has been upped and now it's double the cost. i don't have medicare so my psychiatry appointments are paid out of pocket for $300 - which i just had yesterday

i'm sending out a #mutualaid request to get my ssri medication and adhd medication

i also use up bank
and can sign up for other methods of money transfer

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When an Anarchist is poor he breaks laws; when he is rich he makes them. In neither case does he ever dream of obeying them. twitter.com/GKCdaily/status/13

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The Internet Archive Will Digitize & Preserve Millions of Academic Articles with Its New Database, “Internet Archive Scholar” openculture.com/2020/09/intern

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How to Thwart Facial Recognition and Other Surveillance
Whether you’re protesting or just stepping out for a boba, you deserve some algorithm-free alone time wired.com/story/how-to-thwart-

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Heading bush? Know the outback code — and beware 'flying poo spiders' Thousands of campers fleeing to the outback to escape the frustrations of the pandemic are unknowingly breaking conventions — including ignoring the dangers of "flying poo spiders". abc.net.au/news/2020-09-24/sou #Business,EconomicsandFinance #TravelHealthandSafety #LifestyleandLeisure #TravelandTourism #Regional #Industry #Tourism #Rural

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If you are happy with some of open-source apps such #Fedilab #UntrackMe #OpenMultiMaps #Tubelab #Fediplan

you can support that work on Liberapay:


Or on Patreon:


Thank you :)

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This week I"m geeting back into and
And this time I'm going to enjoy the journey!

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