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Finished GYLT last night on stream. I did not enjoy that game. Not at all.

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1. melting is accelerating
2. record melt of 15%: Dec 2019
3. hottest day ever 18.3°C: Feb 2020
4. irreversible collapse has begun
5. rapid deglaciation of West Antarctica set to begin by 2027 with staggering consequences for humanity
6. sea level rise chaos by 2035

I have lots to do today. If all goes well I'll have time to edit a video for tomorrow (office tour)

Played a few hours if GYLT last night. Not a game I enjoyed. Looks nice though.

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look at this cute pink cat my friend in Kazakstan painted! I thought you would all appreciate it here.

by Olya Koto

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does anyone remember these security camera assemblies? what the fuck are those called?

I'm trying to find more pictures of them (I mostly remember seeing them without a dome but they still had the red light at the bottom)

The CW Nancey Drew show is bloody brilliant. Anyone not watching it is an idiot! You don't want to be an idiot do you? No? Well, go watch it then.

Anyway, not i got to catch up on youtube video making and Blog writing. Also, not slammed any Pixels for a few days either.

All finished. Everything back in its place. Only took me two whilole days to get it all sorted. Lol. Good times.

Had a couple of busy days while i had new carpet fitted in the office. Actual Fitting was 20 mins. Moving all my stuff out then back in took 2 days!

Ready for new floor coverings. The wide angle option on my phone camera makes my office look super small, lol

Watch "Delta Chat: what if DMs but with email?" on YouTube -

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