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okay, after forcing myself to use Ranger (file manager) for a day or so, and making short cut keys for stuff it now seems BETTER than the alternatives!

@omnipotens well if i recall, @ChrisWere made me come here :)

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"What do you mean be 'hard coded' in the program?"


i3wm | Pipes | ASCII | LOLCAT | GTOP | Termite | Antergos

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@dax I tried it like, 2 years ago. It was soooo slow. Is it better now?

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@HexDSL We're all Joey on this blessed day. HACK THE PLANET!

That would be nice. No. My old LG phone doesn't support anything good.

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Most Mastodon servers are operated by people like you, out of their pocket. Check if your server has a Patreon! It's usually on the "About this instance" link, where the rules are. Support your admins, especially if they're not me!

@dax their business model is a little mad. Not sure how I feel about it but its an okay browser that blocks lots of stuff by default. The only browsers I've used on android that I don't hate are brave, chrome and samsung.

Don't like Google or Samsung as organisations so I sort of defaulted to brave.

@dax all mobile browsers are terrible! It's less terrible than chrome.

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The funniest thing about the recurring user migrations are the people who keep speculating if this network will be around in 6 months...

@kev @LibertyPaulM trailers ARE advertisements. I mean, they are designed to make you want to see the show. That's an ad.

It starts with trailers, it's a hop skip and a jump to shampoo commercials.

Im not crusading or ranting. I'm simply going to cancel my subscription the first time I see a 'trailer'

@kev @LibertyPaulM if you enjoy ads i between your shows, i think you are in a minority L.

@LibertyPaulM looks like I'm going to be 100% plex then.

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@LibertyPaulM I thought that Netflix had figured out that the best way to beat piracy is to offer a service that is a better experience. I pay for a service because I don’t want ads