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@ricardojuchem@twitter.com @futureflashbck@twitter.com @genintco@twitter.com Greetings, ! is a text-based which uses a lot of adventure-game mechanics, such as text parsers, inventory puzzles and branching dialogues. Recently, I've been mostly drawing, and I can't wait to be back to writing. ♥️

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youtu.be/emLHpOkcTUI made a video about Kingsway. A great game that I missed for too long

SNES controller for arrived. Controller is great. Shame the Switch has a meh selection of SNES games at the moment through. instagram.com/p/B3rwSh6ng5_/?i

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It's a lot more important for my machines to be running Mozilla software than a Linux kernel.

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Google Chrome had been infiltrating itself everywhere it can like a virus. It has even infiltrated the web browser from Microsoft, ffs!! Chrome is the current biggest danger currently out there in the tech world.

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.XPenguin Podcast tomorrow is Q&A special. please send Qs!

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@emergencyexit I have the perception that proton is like without the community scripting. It's still wine, dxvk/d9vk with tweaks.
Maybe less true now.

Valve failed to get native games, I'm thinking they did succeed by changing strategy. I stopped using linux years ago at home due to gaming. I tried gaming on linux 2 years ago with wine, pol, and now lutris, or steam play if it works. I think we are all winning.

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There one thing left out, a good port today will most probably turn into a bad one in 2 years. Wine is like a console emulator, compatible for a long time.

I can think Microsoft could fork wine to run software in Windows 10.

There is so much demand for good coders and limited people, challenge of these years I guess...


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