BATTLETECH is a good game. Its in Beta for Linux but works great :)

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Today i played NieR:Automata (thanks SteamPlay) and here is my toot based thoughts.

"NieR:Automata is excellent. its a privileged to play it!"

that is all. thank you for reading.

@chozron I'm of the kind that the need to remove all advertising and trackers. Let's find new ways to monetise the internet

Anyone in UK. I need to switch broadband... Who's good and has united service?

@chozron simply by loading ads in your browser you hand them your tracking data. for instance, even if you dont have a facebook account every time you see a like button, that data is stored with a unique identifier by facebook. they then sell that data to advertisers to profile you.

@hirnbrot I have never used Conky. never appealed to me

* Antergos
* I3wm
* a nice glitched wallapepr
* tty-clock
* cmatrix | lolcat

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Here is the GPD Pocket (on left running #Ubuntu 16.04) and the GPD Pocket 2 (on right running Windows 10) to compare keyboard layouts. The Pocket 2 is still a bit unusual but a huge improvement over its predecessor 👍 #WimpysWorld

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Been putting some finishing touches on #TheAwayTeam's custom character creator (featuring @HexDSL and @archtoasty ) Look for it in the upcoming Lost Exodus update on the 22nd \o/ #screenshotsaturday #indiegames #indiedev #SFML

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Plex Media Server is in the Snap Store! 🎉 You can use the Snap of @plex to magically organize your media libraries and stream them from #Ubuntu to any device. See the blog post for your free 30-day Plex Pass trial 🎬 🐧 📽 tweeted by @ubuntu

@malin my phone is almost impossible to root too. Given the choice I would like amazon to win. I don't trust them but their motivation of just selling stuff means they won't sell my info!

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