Im doing a community art thing... if you go to and then read the section called "The Sausage Project" you can find out all about it (its a bit NSFW, sort of!)

@gamingonlinux anyone mentioned to you if we will be seeing the promised multiplayer for Ion Fury at some point?

@kezzbracey Ducky keyboards have littel duck logos. Wooting boards have little crowns. I use an ErogoDox. not logo on super at all .. maybe that helps

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Lol there are people commenting on really old videos no on purpose to 'test' if I really see the old video comments..
Yep. I sort comments by recent. That it. I see all the recently posted comments. Any youtuber that dont are just being big meanies!

@spelk honestly I'm not sure, I heard about it in a Reddit post from ages ago (can't find now) actually found out who made it when I went hunting for it.

Nice to just make ./lb n for a new post then just edit away. It adds the opening HTML tags and signoff line it's self. I think it IS easier for long term use but I may write something a little more robust myself in a few weeks. is an actual (work in progress) website now... Just so you know

I am deeply worried that the packaging goes out of its way to avoid calling it 'cheese'

Change of plan, while i know i said i was Streaming X4 today. I forgot that ION FURY is out today!

Dear YouTube viewers. Please check the date on a video BEFORE giving me corrections. Also, I do read EVERY comment. Regardless of video age.

Brewery In Wales Changes Name Of 2 Beers After Fight With Hugo Boss via

@KylinuxCast CLI web browser are not viable for the modern web. they are fine to check a wiki or something but for general use. nope!

I wish this were not the case :( makes me sad.


Role queue is the greatest thing to ever happen to Overwatch ever!

I'm so happy!


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