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HexDSL @HexDSL@linuxrocks.online

i3wm | Pipes | ASCII | LOLCAT | GTOP | Termite | Antergos

Tomorrows youtube video maybe the best video ever created in the internet.... ever

and in relation to the that i just posted, late, heres the wonderfully glitched backdrop im using right now :)

so, im late for again! sorry about that.

The work... it is in progress

Finally! FINALLY found a 'terminal greeting' i actually like..

Got it nice and minimal :)

Usually when i don't show all three... but this is all three....

Literally no change since last time :)

anyone know how to fix this?

My new P1 looks awesome! its like a party every time i open terminal!

another example of the Termite issue im having

i3wm - Termite - Neofetch - Cmus -cli-visualizer

because im cooler than you

Today I purchased fine art.

Gravity Falls - Unicorn "Rave Music" [Potential Spoiler]

I really love "Gravity Falls" and that episode was just hilarious!