* Antergos
* I3wm
* a nice glitched wallapepr
* tty-clock
* cmatrix | lolcat

Testing new trackball. Seems to be a lot more suitable for gaming than my Kensington expert.

Hex Streams.. now with added MOUSECAM! (or TRACKCAM i suppose)

That strange moment that you realise that podcasting may be a little more than a hobby (2 mic Monday!)

a late

This week im trying polybar. its very easy to configure, i really like how interactive it is and its easy to add colours so it matches my theme nicely.

not sure ill keep it but at the moment, i like it very much.

next job is to find a notification thingy that i like :P

@Curator Im trying to do the change of ownership thing to have the spangly new 'HexDSL' thingy... (yeah, that made sense) but apparently the quota thing is an issue. can you assist? (ref, peertube)

also, is there another way you would prefer me to contact you about this stuff? - seems off using mastodon :)

Rendering a video. deleting odd pictures of David Hasselhoff

@Curator soooo if i had a video that was 2 hours long and 1.9 gig.... would that be something sharetube should be able to handle or is this an error?

also, took selfie with full size plastic cow

Went to one of those kids farms today... got a sticker that assures everyone that i AM an adult!

(on a Tuesday) because im up late, messing abut with stuff and was "wow this shit looks GOOOOD"

heres the ASCII version of that last wallpaper

if anyone wants it, heres the random thing im using as a wallapper today (without the glitch script running over it)

got this one in super early today :) (its 02:25 )


YTP (A YouTube searching bash script)

MPV (yes, my own video, for Screen shot vanity)


and ASCII 'hack the planet

its i3wm, termite as terminal and yes, that notification at the top shows you that im listening to Dokken!

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