Terminal Nyan cat vs. MPV Nyan Cat.. who wins? - only time will tell!!!

F I G H T !

When you read a book 3 times on kindle, you gotta' put a copy on the shelf :D

Sorry Patrons, cant upload the .XPenguin audio this evening. :'(

giving bspwm a go. Looks a lot like my i3 setup (not an accident)

Today I got a wonderful little card from a @Cheeseness :) (also everyone go play The Away Team)

Found a nice wallpaper on reddit today, matches my aesthetic well :D

i3wm - antergos - pcmanfm - ranger

Been messing around with 'qtile' window manager this evening. its so very close to what i want but i cant specify specific monitors for specific workplaces and that's making me nuts!

Spending time with my living room PC. It's just a laptop shoved down the side of my armchair then connected to a monitor and a wireless keyboard.

This is me. On the last day of the year. All things considered its been pretty good. Come at me 2019! I'm ready for the party!

I found these in my pile of old junk (mostly cables, spare CRT's and keyboards)

I'll assume they are important and keep them safe (new coasters!)

didn't want to be layer today! But was not at PC. So here's a picture from my phone! Lol

Oh look. its me, editing video that's over an hour long about CKII... because @uoou made me play it.

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