im very late but to be fair, i JUST got my new top bar working :)

I found these in my pile of old junk (mostly cables, spare CRT's and keyboards)

I'll assume they are important and keep them safe (new coasters!)

didn't want to be layer today! But was not at PC. So here's a picture from my phone! Lol

Just added this to my CKII video :kappa: :P

Oh look. its me, editing video that's over an hour long about CKII... because @uoou made me play it.

left screen: Ranger, MPV (Joey Yong video) and Project-M

Right screen: Clicker Heroes 2, a man page and my Vim-init (a Work in Progress)

lar right screen was empty... seemed pointless adding to screnshot

still much the same.

i finally got i3wm to load applications on start up correctly with save/load tree. (not in screen shot but trust me, it works)

also, this happened in Discord this week.... i have no context for you.. its better this way :|

i know im a little late but i was reading through some i3 documentation and realised it maybe fun to post a 'not staged' screen shot for once... i was actuall just chilling at my PC reading stuff...

* Antergos
* I3wm
* a nice glitched wallapepr
* tty-clock
* cmatrix | lolcat

Testing new trackball. Seems to be a lot more suitable for gaming than my Kensington expert.

Hex Streams.. now with added MOUSECAM! (or TRACKCAM i suppose)

That strange moment that you realise that podcasting may be a little more than a hobby (2 mic Monday!)

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