After a few evenings of the Switch Battery dying. i added a HDMI splitter and some cheap USB speakers.. one switch dock later and BOOM! don't need to leave desk to play Splatoon AND battery is no longer an issue!

I think its when building a game bundle, its important to make sure all the games are of a similar theme (yes, i did buy this one)

This is my i3 setup. i like i3. BUT i really want a master:stack tiler with a maximise option.

dwm: i spent hours, reading, learning and testing but in the end its too much work for me. i just dont quite want it 'that bad'

XMonad: its insane. its a real...err.. git to configure and again, long term, i cant see me getting along with it. so i moved on.

Qtile: i mean, its pretty good but given how often python 'breaks' or has issues i dont want to rely on it.

Any others?

Terminal Nyan cat vs. MPV Nyan Cat.. who wins? - only time will tell!!!

F I G H T !

When you read a book 3 times on kindle, you gotta' put a copy on the shelf :D

Sorry Patrons, cant upload the .XPenguin audio this evening. :'(

giving bspwm a go. Looks a lot like my i3 setup (not an accident)

Today I got a wonderful little card from a @Cheeseness :) (also everyone go play The Away Team)

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