Destiny 2 Reddit: game is dying.
PUBG Reddit: game is dying.
Overwatch Reddit: game is dying.

I feel like game communities just want their games to die. For the record. The three games mentioned are all super populate on all platforms. Reddit communities are the worst.

@HexDSL "reddit communities are the worst" and water is wet lol
@HexDSL if the listed games died nothing of value would be lost.

@crunklord420 nothing of 'value' is actually lost when any games dies. I play them for funsies not productivity. Tastes vary.

@HexDSL uhm actually this is totally incorrect there are plenty of games that are basically creative platforms for people to build on top of.

The list games are the polar opposite of that. They don't even allow dedicated servers anymore which you could argue was a platform for community building and modding.
@HexDSL the listed games literally only exist due to this creativity. PUBG was literally a mod. Team Fortress was literally a mod.

@crunklord420 @HexDSL You have a point about creativity but that doesn't mean the OP games have no value. That is completely your subjective opinion.

@greypilgrim @HexDSL Overwatch and Destiny specifically represent stagnation in AAA gaming. Where we've actually regressed in the name of streamlining and the mainstream.

Like, push that further with stuff like Overwatch 2 which is like effectively pseudo-DLC for the same game.

Destiny resetting their already shallow economy by releasing a sequel, contradicting the design they took from Digital Extremes (who took it from the Koreans) for the worse.

It's all so tiresome. AAA is in a really bad place right now from several perspectives.

@crunklord420 @greypilgrim yes. On all of that. But if games fun and I don't feel like it cost too much money. Then it's a valid thing to play.

@HexDSL I think what's more accurate is that people tend to worry about that sort of thing a lot and that's how they express it

@immychan that's a point of view I didn't consider. If a games population gets low enough that I can't play it any more, I just move to a new game. It doesn't stress me out. I didn't consider that it was a sign of worry. Strange thing is, telling people that the game is dying helps create the vibe hey are worrying about.

@HexDSL that's true, but I think to a lot of people these games are like communities, and having been in communities that have more or less died I can say it's not fun and makes you feel like nothing will be as good as that again, so I can see exactly why people worry about even a slight drop in player numbers

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