Today i made this as a response to the oddness of /r/linux moderation. There will be no over moderating here :D

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@Ertain @gamingonlinux lol, yeah we both did this at about the same time. :)

@HexDSL @Ertain Oh no! Didn't mean to step on your toes there, did reply on Twitter about it and then you made yours haha - good minds think alike.

@gamingonlinux @Ertain

no worries! throw all the things at the wall and let the community decide what sticks! - you have my support!!!

@HexDSL If you want a friendly—probably the friendliest— Linux community, you should visit the Gentoo community. The spirit and the mindset behind the meta Linux distribution is strong within the users.

They're not hostile to people who asks questions like "Who the fuck uses Gentoo?" (Check r/Gentoo recently) and they don't hate you for using X over Y. Gentoo is literally designed to be used however you see it fit, down to the init system.

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