I have successfully refunded Rust via steam refunds. Owned it since it launched and had many hours played.

@HexDSL I've just put in my request. I've had it since October 2014. Wow five years!

@MadestMadness @ChrisWere they dropping Linux support entirely and offering full refunds for Linux gamers regardless of play time or purchase date.

@MadestMadness @HexDSL Porting to Linux is a lot of work and the rewards aren't always there, so it was nice of them to face up to their misstep.

@ChrisWere @HexDSL For sure. I'm glad they were upfront and honest about it not being something they wanted to do. It's still kinda sad regardless, though.

@HexDSL Great now how do I request a refund through Humble Bundle? Oh wait I can't...

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