What compositor is everyone using? (I'm trying xcompmgr)

Mutter! I'm on GNOME Shell most of the time for now.

@rghvdberg @HexDSL compton is decent, though I notice a considerable amount of output latency when using it

@boilingsteam @HexDSL That's the badger. I wonder if anyone has done any direct comparisons of FPS between various compositors, recently?

yes Phoronix did at least in terms of performance impact in games but there is about none. as for other features I dont know.


@hund @HexDSL it's not just for bling. It's for vsync. To me, that's what really matters, and the only reason I use one (Compton).

@dnkl @HexDSL Right. I always forget that.

What's the issue(s)? Screen tearing? If so, is it all the time or just in videos and games? Or what?

@hund @HexDSL yes, screen tearing. For me it's all the time, but in particular when scrolling (in text editors, browsers etc), or when switching workspace in i3.

@hund @dnkl I have no 'issues' mostly i like the transparency in my screen shot tool. ive been on Compton for ages, trying xcompmgr now... wondered what everyone else was using was all :)

@HexDSL @dnkl Oh, the transparency is cool. :D I used to have transparent terminals before my desktop turned into what it is today. :)

@HexDSL I tried Compton on Lubuntu yesterday. Sadly, I think it crashed the computer.

@HexDSL sway uses its own very nice compositor :D

@HexDSL Compton I use for transparrency, though I'd be up for seeing others if there's something more light-weight.

@HexDSL xcompmgr, (or Compton)
They are basically the name thing, but Compton has a edge color glitch on Nvidia cards for me.

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