I'm seeing a lot of back and forths on my mastodon feed today that are less than harmonious. It's like being back on twitter (not a good thing)

What happens when people do hot takes that take aim at others

@HexDSL I think it's good that we're discussing our differences and being, as a community, self-critical. Otherwise we're just fanboys/girls.

It's different from twitter because it's polite, courteous and good will is (rightly) assumed.

@HexDSL My instince is that poor behaviour is partly a natural result of scale - more people, fewer barriers to entry just bring in a) arseholes and b) less familiarity as it seems like a larger room.

On the other hand, everyone having a community and the more fine-grained approach to blocking, CW's and such may make this a nicer place than the birdsite, even if it gains enough attention.

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