How insane is everyone going on Steam sale?

I'm going absolutely beserk, 100% savings! My secret? Don't have anything running steam, lol

@HexDSL Not very, already own most of the games I want to have, so I haven't bothered to go hunting for sales.

@HexDSL picked up Crypt of the Necrodancer, Overcooked 2 and BallisticNG so far

@HexDSL I have an extremely small budget, so I'm getting Slay the Spire and seeing if I can justify Cross Code, plus a couple of games on Itch (Dicey Dungeons, Crossing to the Cold Valley, and Hidden Folks).

@HexDSL I've managed to not buy anything (except a copy of Slime Rancher that I bought for a friend for their birthday, but that wasn't on sale) \o/

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