Does anyone know why my ASCII image previews flash in Ranger?

@HexDSL I have the same issue, interested if any solution comes up

@hund termite. (didn't occur to me that it maybe related to that)

@HexDSL Oh, you said ASCII image previews. What do you use to preview those images? Is it still w3m like with regular pictures?

I read about it and it seems like w3m is having some major issues. I'm using URxvt itself to render images.

@hund I have no idea what ranger uses on the back end but it's pure ASCII not images so I'm not sure it's related. When I get home I'll try a different terminal.

@dax yes! That seems like the same issue. I'll watch it. Thank you.

@HexDSL looks like no one has posted in it since February, so I recommend giving your input :)
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