@HexDSL those system specs are almost identical to mine! I have a GTX980 instead :)

Aesthetic minimalism seems to just fit right in with the Unix Philosophy

@dax i3 makes you trend towards minimalism and terminal i think.

I agree, switching to i3 was the beginning of my path to a minimalist system

Most of my applications are in the terminal nowadays except for my games and the occasional web browsing
Switching to Gentoo helped bring the minimalism down to the OS and individual software level ;)
@dax @HexDSL i use bspwm these days but I'm honestly not sure whether i prefer it or i3. i find if you try to do any serious customization with bspwm you tend to bog things down a lot because of the overhead of running shell scripts for each given event and all, but you really just can't do that customisation with i3 and i think that was Fine Too

Well, I use dwm nowadays, but I used i3 for about two years and Sway for a year or so

@pea @dax i3 might not be the coolest tiling window manager, but I have found it to be the most feature complete. That in combination with their IPC interface makes it to my favourite alternative. :)

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