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anyone know of a neofetch alternative that isnt a wall of text? i just want a couple of lines and no ascii

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@HexDSL so, you want art with no data, or data with no art?

@danielhglus i want ZERO art, and i want all the info across a couple of lines, not a wall of text :/

Neofetch has a bunch of flags to control what gets displayed

There's also a bunch of other *fetch programs out there, it's really just some shell scripting that calls other programs to get system info

@dax yeah, im hoping theres something out there or a way of configuring neofetch to do what i want, i dont really want to write my own solution

Have you looked at the manpage to see if there's a way to configure it with different flags?

IIRC there's a separate flag to enable/disable each thing that gets displayed

@dax im in there now, theres a --stdout but that takes away all formatting, i want to squish it all down to a single line (wrapped if needed)

You could pipe it through sed and replace the newline characters with a space I guess

@dax seems like i can do what im after if i make a config file :) (scurries off to vim)

@HexDSL neofetch can be configured to output fewer details!