Time to simplify things with my i3wm workspaces, new layout.

Left screen: Workspaces 1,2,3
middle screen: Workspaces 4,5,6
Right screen: Workspaces 7,8,9

workspace 10 also on middle screen (its my steam/Gaming Workspace)

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My top 5 disros:
5. Lubuntu
4. Ubuntu Mate
3. MX
2. Xubuntu
1. Solus

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1. Ubuntu MATE :ubuntu: :mate:
2. Manjaro XFCE :manjaro: :xfce:
3. Linux Mint MATE :linuxmint: :mate:
4. Fedora Gnome :fedora: :gnome:
5. Manjaro KDE :manjaro: :kde:

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@HexDSL Even though I use yay myself, I didn't pick that up. Hahaha

as we are all about today...

heres my (i wont say app.... im not 13)

1. NeoVim (its vim, but better)
2. QuteBrowser (learning curve is harsh but its be best browser EVER!)
3. KdenLive (i do make videos)
4. Ranger (its grown on me!)
5. YTP (CLI youtube search/play script 100% written in BASH!)

... to be clear i was talking about the pacman/aur helper called 'yay' i was not just like 'yay' in real life! ... but i am a very woot! yay! person... now i think about it ...


1. Arch
2. Antergos
3. Manjero
4. ....
5. ....

i guess i dont have much to say on this.. and honestly, the order of those top 3 could change and i woudnt notice much,

just install I3WM and yay and then forget about it...

It is XPENGUIN time my dudes! (live on twitch!)

i need a peer-stream service... federated twitch is something that i was thinking about all night.

I finished borderlands 2 last night. Guess I'll start borderlands 2 today...

I had a dream about Borderlands last night. Does this mean my subconscious wants more borderlands or it wants less?

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Boredom make people do strange strange things!!! By the power of grayskull I am ........ Loosing it!

The Nintendo switch online service is shit. I sub only to continue the joy that is splatoon.

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my share tube channel thingy has changed now to make things easier long term.. share.tube/video-channels/hexd <- is me now
also im told hexdsl@share.tube works too

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@HexDSL You would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids...

Apparently, will face penalty if law if I remove the stupid tad from this stuffed scoobydoo.... HOW WILL THEY KNOW?

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godot engine is very nice
that is all
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