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Today's stream resulted in stage one of my new video into. I think it might be pretty good when it's done :)

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This is my new favorite tweet ever


the 2 types of communists

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Famous neolib newspaper ""keeping it real" 

The guardian needs YOUR support to churn out gems like this:

(and that of the Gates Foundation)

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A little dictionary script I made for myself. Might be useful to others.

Not well written! Doesn't check anything!

Uses the dict:// protocol to look the word up and spit out the definitions, prettied up a little for readability. If the word's not found (i.e. most likely a misspelling), it falls back to a fuzzy find on the aspell dictionary.

Defaults to the *excellent* Webster 1913 dictionary.

Needs: fzf and aspell with an installed dictionary. is a tool i really like. That said. i like a lot of things. oh, its a TimeBox tool

for the next 7 days on my channel its all cyberpunk games, with a ramble to finish it all off on day 8 :D

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I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

This is the best screwdriver I have ever owned. It's a magical rachet and i love it.

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