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The tragic story of coming out in a conservative family.

how about a vs - vs wars sequel, where the of a unites both sides

The current development history since starting with in October 2018 (with about half of the time inactive due to work):
- sketched basic datastructures
- learned more advanced python stuff & programming principles, which held off development for quite some time
- kept getting lost in the details of PEG parsers & parser theory
- decided to write a custom parser because the language is too context sensitive
- already used the language for notetaking throughout

Starting with this toot. Search the hashtag for updates on the development process of my app/framework/library written in with planned scripting support.

Epistropy is an approach at reusable , which builds up a personal , that can be used for more efficient retrieval | | | |
with a simple language at it's base ( inspired by & )

The development of my app has been stagnating the past months due to work. So what's the plan to renew motivation? Porting everything to of course. The implementation was only meant to be a prototype anyway. Python will still remain as a scripting API, if the project ever gets to that stage.

The solution isn't that complex though, just needs some more overhead instead of directly matching with a large regex, though the debugging was frustrating, since the regex without backreference matched correctly

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Funny how docstrings in are counted as single lines of code (by github at least).
It makes sense regarding that they are actually used by the interpreter, but intuitively they just feel like comments

does anyone know a good resource for learning ++ or fast when coming from or having prior programming knowledge in general?

Beginner tutorials are kind of tedious before it get's to the core concepts but starting from the documentation doesn't seem to be an ideal choice either.