Deviating the syntax more and more from the inspiration.

Originally I intended to keep it as similar as possible so users can port their markdown notes easily to the format exactly as they are. This feature will be a import function instead.

Some of the problems, that are even present in the specification are e.g. handling of whitespace indent with mixing of tabs and whitespace, which could lead to incoherent syntax highlighting


Created the crate and started working on for the | generation

The parser works in a two step process, by first finding the markers for block elements and afterwards processing the inline. This is almost the same as in the | implementation, but I had some alterations, which allowed for more complex syntax.

The regular expressions are generated by collecting all syntax elements, making one regex for each step

Starting with this toot. Search the hashtag for updates on the development process of my app/framework/library written in with planned scripting support.

Epistropy is an approach at reusable , which builds up a personal , that can be used for more efficient retrieval | | | |
with a simple language at it's base ( inspired by & )

what I mean by that more specifically:
While some markup languages have semantic output, I'm designing a where the semantics are already integrated into the syntax elements not unlike how languages like are designed for easy readability of the source file.

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Anyone using for ?
Are you satisfied with the reuseability of the notes you take and what's the general experience?