@Halbeard I try to stay away from crossplatform applications...

I do understand developers that want their app to run on as many platforms as possible.

But as a developer, I'd rather have great support for one platform, instead of basic support on many.

@dnkl I fear it's mostly a problem of chosing windows over linux. I share your sentiment, but in the end it the priority is the target audience.

Also doing crossplatform the easy way is encouraging the use of frameworks like electorn, with unnecessarily high resource demands. At some point developers should also care about the energy use of their apps. But that is also a question of installbase and compute load, so I don't condemn anyone doing it quick'n'dirty if justified.

@Halbeard It's truly a frightening future we're heading at, where javascript and "web apps" are taking over the desktop 😂

I think smaller projects should think twice before going cross platform. It could very well be a short term win, but cost you more time in the end.

Big corp applications are likely to stay cross platform since for them, the larger user base the better. These are the kind of apps I actively choose not to use.

@dnkl I hear is the future, whether it will be entirely javascript or not.

Let's hope enough devs will switch to linux as their dev environment, so windows will really be forced the adapt for once instead of the other way round :D

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