alright, let's see if I can start using until next week effectively. Already read the book once but studying it more thoroughly now.

Update: not confident enough yet, so it can be said that the endeavor failed.
Need pretty much most of the stuff up to the smart pointer section of the book to implement my design properly.

last week was mostly patching up my c++ knowledge gaps for work, so little time for rust learning

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@Ghosty It's the officially recommended introduction to rust provided on the rust website
in html, but also available as ebook and printed version.

Also suitable for complete beginners until chapter 14 or so, although rust isn't the easiest language to start with. Experienced programmers should read it to the end to understand the core features. Especially the borrow checker needs some getting used to.

@Halbeard Perfect! I was planning on looking into rust too :D.

@Halbeard Btw. What are your main computer languages? :D

@Ghosty python for the most part. Needed to learn C++ and C# for work, which I use more than python nowadays. I really like that Rust kinda uses the best features from all of these languages, including some more functional languages.

@Halbeard Cool!
I can some c++ basics (common datatypes, pointers, OOP, if, while,...).
Python is great for just getting things done!
I can a bit of POSIX compliant shell scripting.
I'm also able to code (a bit dated) JS.

What are you working on your job? Game engine stuff?

What are you planning to use Rust for? I want to build a backend :).

@Ghosty Image processing, computer vision and (sadly) Windows desktop apps in WPF for industrial clients. Company thought about ditching the Windows dependency part but there is not enough manpower to rework our framework to use exclusively C++ with Qt instead.

I want to use Rust for a full stack project, but mainly for the backend and library. It's about efficient note tacking and creative thinking mainly, there might be some toots in my history.

What kind of backend do you have in mind?

@Halbeard I'm planning to develop an app using Flutter.
It'll be an open source substitution plan app for schools :D.

@Ghosty good luck 😅 I always have a hard time imagining how to get federal institutions to use open source. But I guess you have somewhat of a plan with such a specific goal.

@Halbeard Well. Not every school should use it. In Germany it's pretty much up to every school. But most schools here use overpriced and buggy software for their substitution plans. I try to change that :D.

@Halbeard This project is mainly there for me to learn how to code cross platform mobile apps with Flutter :D. Schools adapting it is just a nice side effect and not my main goal :D.

@Ghosty that's actually more reasonable than my endeavor :linus:

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