mountain has been climbed. Saving the B-sides for another day

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One FOSS RPG - finally printed.

... and just like real FOSS projects, it has a really awful name.

I need a FOSS advertising department.

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The Norwegian Consumer Council has published an aptly named report on the online advertising industry: Out of Control.

Update: not confident enough yet, so it can be said that the endeavor failed.
Need pretty much most of the stuff up to the smart pointer section of the book to implement my design properly.

last week was mostly patching up my c++ knowledge gaps for work, so little time for rust learning

Alright semantic markup is already taken for , which isn't quite what I described though. Guess I need another cool buzz word :D

what I mean by that more specifically:
While some markup languages have semantic output, I'm designing a where the semantics are already integrated into the syntax elements not unlike how languages like are designed for easy readability of the source file.

is there something like a ?

Else I'm calling dibs on the term for my project.

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It is my opinion that features that disable devices when stolen are bad. Here's why: First off, It's not going to prevent your device from getting stolen, The person who steals it wont know if the feature's on, plus, they can still sell the parts, so it's still worth their while. Second off, It won't protect your data. Some devices have separate features that clear your data when stolen.

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A concise piece explaining the abuses and irritations caused by tech giants, rather than impotently bemoaning them.

foresters' :

Estimated implementation time = O ( n log n)

where n is the actual tree implementation time

proof by example

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Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

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Catching up on and . Sekiro was a no brainer to pick up. I'm really surprised just how good Celeste turned out to be though. Even the story kinda grows on me. Both will definitely end up high on my all time favorites list.

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Due to an unfortunate event, the world has been gifted a lot of 3D art video tutorials, that were previously only available for money:

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Sehr cooler Artikel über das Fediverse als Alternative:

Auch spannend, Plume scheint eine #ActivityPub Instanz mit #microformats aber ohne #WebMention Support zu sein. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt was da nun passiert

Das #Fediverse by Melli

mehr als nur eine gute Alternative zu Facebook und Co

#activitypub #microformats #webmention

alright, let's see if I can start using until next week effectively. Already read the book once but studying it more thoroughly now.

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Oh shit, an earth directed Solar Storm ejecting in our direction! Looks like there is some Solar Weather news this week!

#ham #hamradio #radio #rf #space #spaceweather #science

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The development of my app has been stagnating the past months due to work. So what's the plan to renew motivation? Porting everything to of course. The implementation was only meant to be a prototype anyway. Python will still remain as a scripting API, if the project ever gets to that stage.

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