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Did DXVK release a new update for a game you like, but Steam Play/Proton hasn't gotten the update yet? Here's how to compile it and add it to Proton on Arch or Ubuntu:

I wish I could sleep just for pleasure and not out of necessity. my brain says no there's work to be done but my body says yeah we don't want to function for a few hours k bye.

So solved the tabs problem, now I wish I could see a suggested "people to follow" based on friends I follow. Suppose I could just use halcyon, 🤷

getting used to mastodon but I wish the dashboard didnt feel so cluttered. It would be nice to just have them as tabs so you arent having to read 3-4 columns at a time

I managed to install my entire steam library on my 4tb drive. I have 81gb left. 😐. welp time to get another drive.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...