@slimekat A mess, nothing ever changes there. I always have a million things open lol

github pro tips:

you can add .patch to the end of any pull request url or commit url to get a perfect patch.

open a terminal and type:
wget github.com/ValveSoftware/wine/

BOOM. instant patch made from pull request.


wget github.com/ValveSoftware/wine/

BOOM. instant patch made from git commit.

mind = blown.


If anyone needs a cheap gpu upgrade this guy has 18 rx 570 4gb of various brands for $100 a pop. mined on for about 3 months - undervolted, 50% fan speed, 60c or less

@slimekat the thing with dxvk is you have to wait for the shaders and state cache to compile, this happens as you play through new areas the first time around. afterwards it should be much smoother

@ethan No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous, the Grim Dawn DLC, XCom 2 DLC, the Vermintide 1/2 games, Hand of Fate 2, >.< damn you steam! lmao

@slimekat oh the stuttering is an easy fix - install one of the esync-pba-ffxiv wine runners in lutris and set it as the default runner for ffxiv. its a known issue with a specific patchset in wine-staging

>.< steam halloween sale ends on nov 1st, i dont get paid until nov 2nd. ffffffff

@slimekat i havent, but I also havent bothered much with a controller outside of steam

@slimekat afaik you can use sc-controller or xboxdrv to change controller mappings

If anyone's not subscribed to humble monthly yet, they always have great games, many of which are on linux. Feel free to help me get some credit for games with my affiliate link! humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=

@Hawk1291 manjaro should work perfectly fine out of the box for steam gaming! with any distro I suggest updating gpu drivers and linux kernel. apart from that it should be smooth sailing.

@nergal @DorianDotSlash @matt @Huggles it is a hardware issue but is software addressable (somewhat). This is why spectre/meltdown mitigation patches were added into the kernel within this past year, as well as on windows. Without those patches, you are vulnerable. This also doesn't include the recent openssh vulnerability and various xorg vulnerabilities in the last two years

@DorianDotSlash @nergal @matt @Huggles ubuntu *not manjaro, as its rolling release. wheres the edit button when you need it

@DorianDotSlash @nergal @matt @Huggles yes, but my point with ubuntu and manjaro as opposed to debian - you would only need to update kernel and gpu drivers. with debian you're likely looking at upgrading your entire install to testing first

@DorianDotSlash @nergal @matt @Huggles and tbh with the latest spectre/meltdown etc crap I wouldn't trust debian stable on a server either, at least not with that kernel, much less any other outdated package that may need security updates such as openssh or xorg

@DorianDotSlash @nergal @matt @Huggles to clarify, I'm not saying Debian is bad. I'm saying it's not a great end-user desktop experience. Different distros have their use-cases. For example Windows Server is not an end-user desktop OS. Debian is very good for servers, so is CentOS and Redhat, but I would not use any of them for my daily driver.

@DorianDotSlash @nergal @matt @Huggles further in regards to proton - even the proton requirements are higher than what debian stable provides.. in which case you're going to have more trouble than say on ubuntu, manjaro, or any other relatively up to date distro OOTB

@DorianDotSlash @nergal @matt @Huggles Why do people use Windows? Because it works. Although under the hood is a dumpster fire, people still use it because it works without them having to fuck with it. The same goes with MacOS. The OOTB experience should not rely on users having to do their own research as to why something doesn't work at all, especially if it worked OOTB in windows. This is why proton is popular - it is an OOTB working solution to steam games that is platform independent.

@DorianDotSlash @nergal @matt @Huggles EVEN WORSE is if they have no idea about kernel or driver updates - at least with ubuntu or manjaro, their system will be up to date enough to run most modern games and applications from a fresh install.

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