turns out I guess I needed a reboot. getting around 80 fps on low in the division. still not great for vega but more than playable

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@Gloriouseggroll I've found on some games that it needs to cache and on the second try the FPS bump up considerably.

@clublinux yeah I know all about the shader cache having to fill, even then sometimes it doesnt help

@Gloriouseggroll Yeah it sadly doesn't help me out either with games like "NFS The Run" It's has far to many micro stutters.

@dar13 64 + threadripper 1950x, so recording was 0% bottleneck lol

@Gloriouseggroll Seems my Vega 56 would chug even worse lol. I wonder which piece of software is causing those hitches

@dar13 it would probably perform the same tbh, those settings were on low. I could probably even crank them up and id still get the hitching regardless. its just because of the shaders compiling

@Gloriouseggroll What are your expectations about AMD's "Navi" GPU's coming apparently towards the end of year?

@Linux I don't think Navi is going to be a giant powerhouse like we all expected vega to be. I think it's going to be the next tier of gpu for the mid range. From what I recall via news about it in the past, 1080/ti performance for half the price. I'm personally hoping it brings near vega performance with reduced power consumption.

@Gloriouseggroll A step further from Vega, certainly though.

Navi seems to be chosen by Sony for their PS5.

@Gloriouseggroll "Rumor has it that AMD Navi probably won’t materialize into a high-end graphics card immediately, instead saving its hand for much later, according to a leaked roadmap reported by Wccftech. What this means is that gamers will have to wait a little while before they can get their hands on the next gaming-ready cards from AMD."



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