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Quarantine is boring like crazy!
I think I'm gonna stream some thing. Maybe Final Fantasy on NES!
Or maybe there's a multiplayer game we can play?

You know you're into a long night when you open a bottle of Club Mate at 10pm :linus:

Some web dev's opinion on C functions 

The C string library function "strtok" has weird expected behavior.

I've recently stumbled upon this issue on the QMK GitHub page. I find this to be quite interesting.

They talk about how the computer could communicate with a QMK powered keyboard.

I would love that feature. It would make switching colors on the my keyboard soooooo much more easy and would open the door to even more cool things you could do with your powered .

I've decided to jump into the cold water and purge every IDE/Text editor except for VIM.

Let's see how this will work out :).

I'm really amazed by the performance of C.
I used it to crush a great amount of numbers and expected it to take a few minutes at least. It was done in ~15 seconds (single threaded).

I come from a web development background and also know that statically typed languages perform better.

But I didn't expect such a huge performance gap!

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Don't use a piece of software just because everyone else is. Do some research and make your own decisions.

I will be switching from an Nvidia GPU to an Amd GPU this year.

Nvidias proprietary driver is just lacking. Especially when it comes to Vulkan stuff.

One Example is DOOM Eternal (a demanding Vulkan game) running through Proton:

Nvidias GTX 1080Ti get's beaten by an Amd RX580 6GB:

- AMD RX580 scores 60-100FPS at high settings.

- Nvidia GTX 1080Ti is pushing out 20-40 FPS at medium settings!

The RX580 usually performs similar to a GTX 1660 or 1070.

I just found out about Libre Speed.

Libre Speed is like the Ookla Internet Speed Test but:
- Free as in freedom
- without ads
- crap free!

I'm really hyped to learn some golang again this evening!

Compiling qtbrowser while playing CS:GO wasn't the best idea :P.

To everyone who is using Gentoo and runs the Steam client as a flatpak and has SSL issues:

update app-crypt/p11-kit to version 0.23.20-r1

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What is the search engine of your choice?

Vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript?

I've been coding quite a lot dart code recently.
I really like how dart handles certain things :).

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