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An old desktop screenshot from 2011 with my previous tiling window manager WMFS.

I guess there's really no going back from a tiling window managers once you get used to it. :)

I'll try to learn brainfuck as a fun project over the weekend.

I found out about the password manager pass. I really love it and absolutely will keep using it! I never used password managers before because I always thought that there are no good CLI once. Seams like I was wrong. :)

Yay! It’s one of those days where the Net. upgrade size is negative :D!

Today I finally got in touch with ranger. Even though it was on my machine for like for ever. Usually I use cd and so on to navigate in my FS. But it seams I really have to move to ranger, since navigating with that is sooooo much faster :D.

I removed neofetch from .zshrc because it was except for the looks kinda useless. Really like that only the prompt pops up when I open my terminal now. Makes it soooo much more clean :).

I’m done with cleaning up my package mess. I now have ~900 packages.

I just started removing packages I don’t need. So far I removed 600. (1700 -> 1100)

Oooops. I just screwed my lappie’s Linux for now. I uninstalled every prompt and then restarted hehe.

Started using syncthing to sync up my workstation’s docs, picture etc. with the lappie last week. Until now I’m really impressed how great it works in this specific scenario!

@kensp I just looked at your description and saw that you still plug your GitHub. You May need to update that since you‘ve moved to gitlab anyway :D.

“Systemd is a nice operating system, too bad it lacks a decent init system.”


Does anyone know what could cause a random idle zsh terminal to use up 100% cpu after some time?

currently testing out Mastodon on bitlbee :D

Finally got my dotfiles all up at GitLab:
They are still a mess but I’m working hard on improving that.

And also a huge thanks to @amolith for showing me the world of dotfile managers!

Is there a tool made specifically for live syncing zsh history files?

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