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Moving on from oh-my-zsh to antibody.
Why? Curiosity!

Should I do a .dotfiles repo for my configs? 🤔

I think I won’t use spectrwm. I began to theme it and it displays the colors wrong. I asked at the official IRC channel if they know the answer one hour ago. Still no reply :/.

Trying out spectrwm. I’ll post a screenshot as when I’m done setting this thing up :D

@kelbot Hoi. I wanna set up a home cloud. Do you have anything that you can suggest for me what I could use hardware wise? I want a setup that is well balanced between cost and power. :D

My laptop (x220) will get a custom linux kernel now! :D

I've been using for half a year now and I have to admit:
WOW this thing is awesome! You have a great privacy and still can use it with every email client out there. It also has a good collection of features but at the same time is not bloated. All in all its a very balanced experience and that makes is sooooooo good!
The 1€ per month are absolutely wort it!

Bye Bye, Netflix. Today I canceled my Netflix subscription :D

My portfolio is finally back up :D. Still not 100% happy about the design but I‘ll get there.

@kensp and me are working on a script that makes updating kernels easier when you have a custom one: keep in mind that it’s still in a early stage of development so use it carefully.
(Would be awesome if we‘d get some feedback :)

I'm looking forward to hosting a funkwhale instance. Has anyone got some experience with funkwhale?

Don't watch this review if you're a Razer fan. :) — "Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 review (Razer Green switch)" -\?v\=LQsljiz7OCs

Anyone here with some experience at theming ohmyzsh?

Nope, now I'm convinced its the laptop itself. Grr. Gonna try swapping the physical modules and confirm.

Installed Shadow Warrior 2 with the gog galaxy install that is available at lutris. After changing the wine config to windows 10 it runs flawlessly and fluidly with ultra settings. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 and a GTX 1060 6G.

@Ghosty @hund

OK, Finally had time to sort out a custom initramfs.img

Boot time consistently between 3.5 and 3.7 seconds without loss to my laptops usability, I don't think I am able to slim it down further.

I managed to get Post down to about half the time (changed some bios settings).
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