@LibertyPaulM Ahhh. I used compton because I had terrible screen tearing. But since I switched to hlwm that issue just disappeared :D.

@LibertyPaulM I've no transparency at all too nor do I have a compositor :D. I use ZSH with the pure prompt.

@malin ahh :). I never heard of elfish. I have to take a look at it then :D

Today I finally got in touch with ranger. Even though it was on my machine for like for ever. Usually I use cd and so on to navigate in my FS. But it seams I really have to move to ranger, since navigating with that is sooooo much faster :D.

@hil Kinda the same for me. I distro hopped the whole last year. I settled on Artix.

We both are in the :archlinux: Masterrace :archlinux: :P

I removed neofetch from .zshrc because it was except for the looks kinda useless. Really like that only the prompt pops up when I open my terminal now. Makes it soooo much more clean :).

@LibertyPaulM Ahh. :(. I rebooted and everything worked fine :D. I’m a very messy person. I had like 5 XMPP clients and so on. That’s why I’m able to clean up so much.

I’m done with cleaning up my package mess. I now have ~900 packages.

I just started removing packages I don’t need. So far I removed 600. (1700 -> 1100)

@HexDSL WOW. Never seen that style before. But it looks awesome for sure!

@Keedred Is there some pizza service with an API. Because I'd absolutely want to order my pizza from the cli :D

Nothing new about my Desktop.
But I got tired of the standard vim. :vim:

Oooops. I just screwed my lappie’s Linux for now. I uninstalled every prompt and then restarted hehe.

@nolifeorname Yea. I expected a mess but it does it’s job really nice while having no centralized part!

Started using syncthing to sync up my workstation’s docs, picture etc. with the lappie last week. Until now I’m really impressed how great it works in this specific scenario!

@hund Have you tried this auto align feature that most monitors have?

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