@kkremitzki What is that? Look kinda like a CPU fan mount thingy.

@hund It’s like those big social networks. It has more users but your posts get less attention.
What I loved about Mastodon was that you posted something and got a super interesting conversation right away.
Now you most of the time you only likes or a boring chat

@hund I think it’s more or less impossible to make it better. I think the way Masto changed is because of the growth.

I think I‘ll leave Mastodon (or will be inactive AF). It‘s not what it was 1 or 2 years ago.
It was really good to start conversations.
It was more like a family than a group.
It was more interesting.

I don’t know if I changed or Mastodon changed.
Anyway I‘ll step back and search for something new :).
It was an honor to talk to y‘all!

Thank You!

@zen @jason That’s true. I also use some GUI gimp for example. But if there is no need for it I use CLI.

@redneonglow On my side yes. But you can use a compsitor. That will take care of it :D

@chozron Ahhh. Noice! Sry for my late response. I‘ve been pretty inactive lately.

I just have added some patches they provide :)

1. Day of using simple terminal.
(It’s been a month since I wanted to start using it btw :P)

So far I‘m happy with it. The configuration is a bit more complex in my opinion but I get used it more and more.

@kelbot Ahhh. After some tweaking and script stealing it worked for me on hlwm 😉

@yogthos Haha. This is hilarious and true. My server is a mess. Change one thing and it collapsed:D

@kelbot Nice! Why do you use conky instead of polybar? :)

@jason @zen I prefer cli apps. So I'm not that in to GUI stuff.

@zen Feel free to ask me anything as long as it’s not GUI related ;).

@LibertyPaulM Finally: something said the truth!
My opinion goes even further. Transparency as a design is just a waste of resources.

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