@zen Feel free to ask me anything as long as it’s not GUI related ;).

@LibertyPaulM Finally: something said the truth!
My opinion goes even further. Transparency as a design is just a waste of resources.

@testie @dpreacher lolx. I'll fix it asap. My lappie is ded so I'll do it in 5 h ehrn I'm home

@Unairedspecifics I‘ll give my best. It will take a while though. I do way too many projects at once :/. But when I see the first acceptable results I‘ll toot 'em to you :)

@Unairedspecifics I‘ll put herbstluftwm onto it. Since it’s my spin on Artix linux :). But I try to do it as modular as possible.

Currently working on a project called goArtix. In the end It’ll be a script that will be similar like LARBS but that it uses Artix as underlying distro and it‘ll be small so that it can be installed on USB sticks.

@dethronedemperor I used Artix Linux (Archlinux with openrc). It was a pretty spontaneous decision because I saw they now have a script to install bedrock Linux :P. I added devuan after install.

Fully moved over to bedrock Linux.
Was the easiest thing on this planet.
I have artix and devuan running currently 🏃

Finally trying out bedrock Linux. I love that they now include a script that does the base.

@igeljaeger urxvt has no support for that. Luke Smith says it has "very good emoji coverage". So yea. Just take a look at his video. He explains the most important stuff there :)


*suckless Terminal lol. I switched something up.

I guess its finally time to give st (simple terminal) a try

@LibertyPaulM It surely is!

What is feedproxy.google.com for a service from google? Never heard of it.

@pucukpisang97 Jup. Also if you want to game it’s almost a must have. My friend for example has a Debian stable machine. It was a pain getting steam play to work bc the nvidia drivers in the repo were too old :/

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