Did somebody unplug the ethernet cable at this mall in Germany? :P

The switches from Zeal PC arrived today for my first mechanical keyboard :D. (I ordered 180 switches total 90 linear switches (those in the picture) and 90 tactile switches) I think I‘ll use the linear switches and I‘ll build an second keyboard with the tactile once. Both are great but for coding I prefer the linear once!

I just found a heat map wich transfers the google locaton file in to an map!

First entry at: .
A few moths ago I was on KDE plasma. Now I'm curently running Mate with the "Ambient Mate" theme. It's customizable and simplistic at once. linuxrocks.online/media/1-ITrd

The font isn't transparent (just turned the transparency to full, so that you can see that the font isn't transparent) linuxrocks.online/media/zpehZZ


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..