It seams like Wayland (Sway) is less memory intensive compared to X11 (i3wm)!

The future is coming baby!

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@Ghosty On Fedora it's already here :thinkhappy:

I have Fedora 32 on my Acer Switch 10 tablet and GNOME is absolutely great on mobile interfaces!

@Linux It’s starting to see wide adoption :).

I wanted to try Wayland out for a long time now.
But what held me back was that my workstation has an Nvidia card in it and Sway doesn’t support Nvidias proprietary driver stuff :D

But while setting up my laptop today I installed Sway instead of i3 :D


Yes! What i also kinda like, is that Gnome is coming the "standard Linux DE" to begin with.

Fedora, Ubuntu, Pop!_OS, TAILS, Debian...

Lessens our burden helping the new Linux adopters.

I'm an Xfce-sucker myself, tho :xfce:

@Ghosty nah, future is poor like Linux. Proprietary OS, even though privacy invasive, still provide features like multimedia handling, hardware acceleration, etc, better than Linux.

@EdwardTorvalds Of course! Wayland is far from being perfect.
Especially this whole Nvidia debacle and no SSH forwarding is making this clear for me :).

@Ghosty Wayland is very neat, but I moved away from it, since it still has some minor issues.

It is the future though!

@RMW It's a bit rough about the edges.
I agree with your blog post. For me the biggest draw backs are Nvidia being Nvidia and that you can't forward Wayland through SSH :).

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